Important question to all crafty folk.

I'm drawing up the list of kits and equipment Workbench Alpha will need in the tool library so I can estimate the costs for the business loan.

What I need is you to tell me the tools you use in order of how often you use them, and if you always use some together. That's it. I just need additional perspectives.

Please don't read other peoples replies at first. I don't want you leaving things out just because someone else has mentioned them already.

@workbenchalpha Speaking (right now) exclusively as a crocheter:

My ergonomic crochet hook set is 2.5mm through 6.0mm at 0.5mm intervals; my hands are not good enough for the very small hook sizes, I misplaced my giant-ass hooks, and I bought extras of a couple sizes but I forget offhand which.

Scissors. Yarn needles. Stitch markers though tbh a bunch of safety pins will do just fine.

@alexeigynaix Thankyou, there are a lot of holes in the area of textiles (no pun intended).

@workbenchalpha screwdriver and blade roughly equally, then socket set, then tape measure, then power drill (used almost always with screwdriver), then hammer, then saws of various kinds, then sandpaper/rasps.

Virtually any project can be completed with just these tools. Other specialty tools just make the job easier.

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