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"essential workers" apparently includes construction crews on the American border wall and the CGL pipeline across unceded Wet'suwet'en land. remember the real priorities of the systems we want to save us: profit, white supremacy, genocide.

the good news is, ahsoka tano is going to be in the mandalorian

the bad news is, she's being played by transphobic monster rosario dawson, and if she isn't recast, i am done watching it

cw: brutal transphobic assault

Esperanto word of the day: praŝarglekisto - "bootlicker"

Lenin: Down with the liars who are talking of freedom and equality for all, while there is an oppressed sex, while there are oppressor classes, while there is private ownership of capital, of shares, while there are the well-fed with their surplus of bread who keep the hungry in bondage. Not freedom for all, not equality for all, but a fight against the oppressors and exploiters, the abolition of every possibility of oppression and ...

"please stop society's extraneous parts to improve its core functionality" is the core request radicals have been making of the world forever.

If you've, prior to this crisis, felt that incremental reformism was enough, please try to reconcile that with your current belief in urgent and drastic action.

Mastodon question 

:anartrans_symbol:​ Happy International Womens day everybody! :anqueerheart:

Remember, intersectionality matters, and SWERFs/TERFs are really yucky and deserves the boot~ :dukeboot:

SBC meta 

Anyone know if you can get Mastodon to authenticate against LDAP or does it only use its own internal mechanism?

@guerrillarain I apologize, I should have read your profile more carefully before sending a follow request 😅

Think I've worked out a solution that lets me keep Enterprise, just won't be living on board for a while.

Not ideal but still okay.

State Capitalism: I can't believe it's not Communism!

So some Republican motherfucker just bought a stake in birbsite, so there might be another wave of newbies coming

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Red Son 

@whiskeysailor the thing about these “homosexual agenda” stories that cracks me up, is: if an agenda focused on promoting an orientation actually worked / was a real thing, everyone would be heterosexual 😑

What is this "end of list" nonsense? I'm positive SBC is more than six hours old

second chance for Net Neutrality, US politics 

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