Here is some music I wrote for calm in times of distress:

I release my music under CC by-SA licenses which means publishers aren't interested and I rely on crowdfunding to get paid for my work. If you like it and would like to support me please see

Thanks so much!

I have to admit "identity politics" as slur gets major sideeye from me. 

If you say "subjecting hiring decisions to considerations like identity, race, gender, etc, harms meritocracy" wtf are you even saying? That white dudes have no identity, race or gender? That the only reason other groups are underrepresented is because they're just inherently inferior to Chad Chaddingson? Listen to your damn self. These considerations are already at play and always have been.

@RadioAngel Lunarpunk? *clicks your blog*

...that's...that's a thing??!

😲 😻 🌚 🌛 🌝 🌜 🌚

I don’t think we talk enough about how mental illness is defined, under capital, almost entirely by one’s potential productivity. seems, if not inherently solarpunk, certainly a necessary (not sufficient, but necessary) component of solarpunk. By which I mean "reduce, reuse, recycle" (which is *certainly* proto-solarpunk) should have "repair" in there too.

A woman in front of me in the Metro station earlier had a jacket with a big slogan on the back which read, “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in hope.” And honestly, I feel like I need to hear that advice sometimes. 🌱

It is now illegal in Pennsylvania to donate a book to someone incarcerated.

Instead, books must be purchased as ebooks through prison profiteer GTL or ordered through the DOC

This is an attack on gift economies and free speech/culture while expanding the surveillance capitalist, carceral state.

food; emetophobia-adjacent

I subbed white sugar + molasses for the brown sugar, basil for the oregano, and extra black pepper for the paprika. Served over rice. And it's perfectly tasty!

...shame my stomach doesn't think it's food.

(Dried sweetened pineapple chunks, now, my stomach is entirely happy about those! My taste buds are making me put the package somewhere else because who the hell put *that* much sugar in these things?)

A conundrum I need to work out for myself:
-tyranny of structurelessness is totally a thing (and also exists within many structured contexts)
-but the structures we have are oppressive and unacceptable, or get used for oppressive and unacceptable ends
-if there are non-oppressive structures that are scalable, how come they aren't more widespread? and where do I find them? and how do I put them into practice in my own life and community?

If this gets 25 boosts, I will share the piece of Torah I wrote to teach tomorrow night, on the evening of Yom Kippur. Topics covered include my early 20s, nuclear warfare, and the miracle of tshuvah

Solarpunk fashion week is great and all, but what if I started a action week? Get everyone out there doing something useful then sharing pics and resources

I'll probably wait until Spring so that it'll be a good time for planting. Maybe the week of Earth Day?

Boost if you'd be interested in something like that!

mutual aid, direct action, and solidarity are not theoretical models waiting to be applied. they are the means of survival for so many of us. we practice them every day because they are the path to tomorrow.

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If this gets 15 boosts, I'll post the video of the time I won a Jewish poetry slam

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