Question for textiles people:

I've been estimating necessary workshop size requirements, assuming 100cm clear work areas around machines and benches.

I know the least about working with fabric though. Does it need larger clearances due to it's motion & to avoid snagging?

@workbenchalpha potentially if someone was working on something larger like a quilt?

@workbenchalpha imo that would probably cover most use cases. We are talking about a sawing machine right?

@tulsi Cutting table, industrial sewing machine (with speed controller) and an overlocker is what's included in the estimate atm. I'm not sure what else would get good utilisation.

Hmm if you get people working on bigger projects I could easily see you need >1 meter clearance to avoid becoming a trip hazard and for ease of use. But perhaps it's a situation where space could be cleared when necessary?

@workbenchalpha 100cm might be a bit tight for big things. You would want ample space in front and behind (so benches can't be flush against the wall). Snagging tends to happen when the surfaces aren't smooth enough or have edges that are too sharp. What kind of machines do you have, and how deep are the benches? I have a tiny studio space and my benches are on wheels with brakes so I can roll them out to make space as needed. I rely on the weight of the machines for stability 😂

@liliana The textiles equipment on the list is currently a cutting table, an industrial sewing machine with a speed controller and an overlocker. Also an adjustable mannequin and a couple of storage lockers large enough to hang full-length clothing in. Other stuff depending on demand, unless there's something relatively basic we've overlooked.

Making a note abound the wheeled & smooth benches!

@workbenchalpha your kit list sounds fab :) oh my king/queendom for a cutting table ...

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