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The intro post I've never made:

Hi I'm Tulsi, a queer trans woman, currently living on land stolen from the massacred Susquehannock people.

I recently quit my job making mapping software for electric/gas/water utilities.

I'm figuring out how to support myself while doing work that supports resilient networks of autonomous communities arising from mutual aid and trust.

I have a deep faith that there is a future for humanity that's worth fighting for.

Here for conversations with comrades

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White people, cis people, straight people, able bodied people:

You are not free
Everyone is free

We our bound together on this spacerock.

Your freedom
is my freedom
is our freedom

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the human race passes through the great filter by collectively learning not to be a dick


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a couple pics of the solar setup on my car that I haven't posted

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The revolution is providing

food (fresh and local)
housing (warm and personal)
healthcare (holistic and kind)
energy (clean and reliable)
communication (open and private)
transportation (global and efficient)
safety (personal and community)
and more besides

for everyone, for free, for ever

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theory is good but if every white leftist could stop acting like that's the only way you'd ever know about systems of oppression, government etc when we've BEEN out here doing what y'all "theorize" and debate like mutual aid is and has always been a thing for marginalized groups because we wouldn't have made it this far otherwise so if you could sit ya asses down

every white woke guy: i'm sorry you don't understand THEORY lol it's not like it's hard just read smh

the working class, poc etc: are denied access to an educational background beneficial to reading indepth works about politics, do not have time to be reading this week's favorite flavor of dead author, likely have come to the same conclusions just by experience since we don't have to read a book to know oppression

Hi everyone! We're a collective of solarpunk creators from Italy. Suggesting possible sustainable futures through art and working on ways to make them real. We work with Tales From the EV to create and -fi stories. Nice to meet you all!

My choices from the Heritage Seed Library have arrived. Looking forward to the 2019 growing year 🌱

Climbing French Beans - Blue Beans, Croft's Italian Bean & Mr Ferns Purple Flowered
Dwarf French Bean Pirata
Lettuce Northern Queen
Squash Chicago Warted Hubbard

Hey, could you lot share this:

I'm looking for music reviewers, editors, and anyone who covers audio. But I am looking for people who *actually* review queer artists who actively avoid working for labels. Small blog/big site, no matter.

I have a punk power pop album coming out in 2019 so I need to compile contacts before I start on a promo landing page.

DM me, link me to yr site/profile/email, but ONLY if you *actually* cover queer people who refuse to work within shitty boundaries.


Thesis: Trying to look more binary

Antithesis: Trying to look more non-binary

Synthesis: Waiting until I look more binary so I can look more non-binary

I saved my long discourse for the new character limit obvi

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"We have the window of 12 years to make change... so, what are we going to lose? Our life. The extinction of our culture. Our identity"

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Chad, representing the Mbororo pastoralists at

Short video (1.24) on birdsite

everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

Good morning bright beings, good morning dark beings, good morning crepuscular beings, good morning those who worship the dawn.

Silicon Valley is preparing itself for a #collapse. Don’t be mistaken, they will keep it all for themselves, food and short-term profit.

Β« Part of the urgency of Bowery’s business plan is the prospect of looming global food shortages. Bowery and its ilk see a business opportunity in building massive indoor farms in and on the outskirts of cities -- a costly proposition, but one that could cut down on waste and ensure fresher produce. Β»

Thanks @kavbojka

β€œThis conference, like the Paris conference, is going to cost us. Every year we are achieving nothing. It is time for us to change our tactics and change our strategies”. - President Nasheed, The Maldives (wearing the badge)

President Nasheed: β€œWe are not prepared to die. And the Maldives have no intention of dying. We are not going to become the first victims of the climate crisis.”

Sure, sex is good, but have you tried repairing a disposable consumer trinket beyond its planned obsolescence?

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Okay gentlemlems, ladies and pals brace yourselves for the #modernaunorsegods thread

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