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Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.

or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

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The intro post I've never made:

Hi I'm Tulsi, a queer trans woman, currently living on land stolen from the massacred Susquehannock people.

I recently quit my job making mapping software for electric/gas/water utilities.

I'm figuring out how to support myself while doing work that supports resilient networks of autonomous communities arising from mutual aid and trust.

I have a deep faith that there is a future for humanity that's worth fighting for.

Here for conversations with comrades

Capitalism can only justify labor which profits. Structures or institutions that cannot sufficiently monetize their operations whither and die except on a volunteer basis. Scarcity-immune goods and services, such as digital media, can then only be justified with the introduction of scarcity. A great deal of labor goes into introducing and maintaining scarcity where there is none, which can only exist by taking its own share of the wealth it extracts, cementing this gatekeeping as a shared interest between the owning class and this segment of the working class. Thus ads become a form of rent, the flicker of your eyeballs a form of payment for materials which have no per-use cost, and every plea to disable your ad-blocker comes from a hostage. Because capitalism charges us for survival, we find ourselves obliged to maintain the institutions that keep us employed, for in them we see the only means of living. 

2019 was a fascinating year because conservatives can argue as much as they want, gender reveal parties still killed more people than antifa

Making a cup of tea and then forgetting to drink it is culture

anyone have any resources or experiences to share having cooperative meetings with their family / home unit? I want to help my family get more organized and communicative in the new year.

anyone have any resources or experiences to share having cooperative meetings with their family / home unit? I want to help my family get more organized and communicative in the new year.

Hey any #Spanish speakers wanna take a turn running There are thousands of people trying to figure this place out and they are currently asking about it on twitter. #Fediverse #Mastodon #MastoDev #HelpWanted #YoMigroaMastodon #HablasEspañol

distributing software, rust 

How to Cry Biomechanically 

How to Cry Biomechanically 

wondering if learning how to cry from a biomechanical position (learning how to make your body cry without use of emotion), can be helpful as an exercise for people who have trouble letting out emotion due to past trauma.

Hey, , it's time to stop using .

Between white people appropriating like crazy, and CA wildfires killing the plants and their entire ecosystems, it's time this plant ceased being everyone's go-to for magickal work.

"... Due to the illegal over-harvesting of Saliva apiana in recent years in combination with increased, devastating wild fires on White Sage lands in Southern California, concern for the commercialized harvesting and distribution of White Sage grows as the wild populations of this species shrink in size.

Many Native American communities are requesting at this time that non-native peoples stop harvesting this plant from the wild altogether. As Native Americans have been the caretakers of this plant and the lands it grows on for countless generations, it is important that everyone respect and honor their request."

@kodedninja yo thanks for writing
that's been a huge pain point with enoki for me. Should honestly be included in enoki itself

I dream of a world where baseband processors have a meaningful diagnostic and configuration API, and run formally verified code.

The #OpenStreetMap community in #MetroManila encourages a diverse community of mappers!

Through their #OSMphizza grant, they're boosting the efforts of #MapBeks , and their goal to map #HIV testing and counseling facilities in the #Philippines

Join their #MappingParty on 7th December, Saturday in Pasig

The event is free, and no previous mapping experience is necessary -- they'll teach you how to map!

Mapping places and spaces that are important for you, could mean a lot for other people.

Contributing data to #OpenStreetMap ensures that data you help create is kept free and open for every one, and any one who has a need for them.

#MentalHealthAwareness !
RT @MHawhereness
📣📣We need your support! Let's promote mental health awareness through maps and collaborative information!🤩 With this, we can encour…

TIL the Wôpanâak have an ongoing project to revive their language, and you can donate to it!

Any audio engineers/musicians out there in the fediverse??? 🎼

Any tips on recording vocals? This is a pretty general question on purpose but I'm interested if anyone has an interested tricks to recording good vocals in the home studio.

I'm not new to this and I have some good gear already. I'm just curious as to what fun stuff you have tried.

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