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Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.

or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

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The intro post I've never made:

Hi I'm Tulsi, a queer trans woman, currently living on land stolen from the massacred Susquehannock people.

I recently quit my job making mapping software for electric/gas/water utilities.

I'm figuring out how to support myself while doing work that supports resilient networks of autonomous communities arising from mutual aid and trust.

I have a deep faith that there is a future for humanity that's worth fighting for.

Here for conversations with comrades

Adrian Lipscombe, a Black mama and chef, is raising money to purchase some farmland in Wisconsin to create a sanctuary for Black food and culture.

"My vision is to have a sanctuary to hold the history, food, and stories of Black culture in food and farming.   This land will be used to teach other how to farm, archive Black food ways and the importance of Black farms.  The 40 acres of land will tell the story of how Blacks grew food through our ancestral ways into today."

coronavirus, don't worry about your phone 

According to microbiologists:

“It’s possible, theoretically, for this to live on a smartphone. If you had it out and someone sneezed or coughed on it and then you handled the phone, you could pick up infection that way,. People should keep their phones close to themselves. There is very little risk involved then.”

“My phone is the least of my concerns. Worry about touching door handles that thousands of other people touch.”

If you need anarchists to provide you with a Theory of Everything in order for you not to resort to hierarchy fatalism, you're missing the point.

Hi all! This is a call to action for those who would like to help with their accessibility skills, or learn them while working on a not too complex web front-end. The quite popular Jitsi Meet web frontend has some accessibility issues which are preventing people with disabilities like me to participate in many meetings. These issues are low-hanging fruit. So if you would like to to do something good that really helps a lot of people and has big impact, here‘s the issue:

If anyone wants to help me afford a laptop. Mine has officially died. I would appreciate it. I know this is not the ideal time to ask, but I use it to study and moderate SBC. (I'll mod from my phone for now).

One of the anons who had been contributing to my book saw me dunking on landlords and got indignant because apparently they're a landlord. In typical landlord fashion they're now withholding the rights to their illustrations so that I can't publish.

I need some ~18 illustrations recreated because some "lefty" doesn't understand that having the power to throw people into the streets and profiting off that position are incompatible with socialism.

Anyone want to help out?

Thanks to this comrade who called MDC NY, we get an unsettling look at carceral logic: brutal, petty, disposal-minded, bureaucratically dead, and ultimately self-destructive to everyone involved, even to enablers. The pandemic is now, but the crisis is always.
@IWOC_NYC Just got off the phone with them and when I asked why they aren't giving out hygiene products to inmates. They said st…

Friends and Fellow Workers in the Upstate New York latitude:

My boss sent us home because of COVID-19 and my gym is closed so I've been using some of my time to work in the garden. If you have some dirt you can work, you can too. If you can grow your own food, you should. Let's bring back "victory gardens." Grow extra and share.

Do not wait until it's warm it to plant. You can start now.

Root vegetables, onions, peas, spinach, chard, and (very soon) lettuce can be planted now.

Learning how to use a Baofeng, it's pretty neat. I learned how to communicate on VHF, listen to FM, etc... Now I need to learn how to actually contact people. Anyone interested in talking #hamradio?

guess i’m gonna start writing python+gtk apps. fuck off js

May I suggest an addition of health care into the sunbeam city wiki with things like what a communal pharmacy or medical centre needs to have or how to run one of those places??

Mutual Aid, Artists 

If you are an artist who has been affected by current events. You can apply to the Artist Relief Tree for $250.


Do not use notes and coins for buying in shops, as they are transmitting #COVID19.

Therefor consider stealing for safety reasons instead.

Protect those part of the risk group.

For the same reason avoid stealing notes from banks.
Doing it via online hacking instead can protect your communities, and the collected money could all go to support free health care.

While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

Can anyone please help me mirror the wiki please?

I put it on dat. You just need Beaker Browser:

Just go to this dat address and toggle and click "Seed this sites files".


One of the best things, aside from washing your hands, that you can go for your community right now is to buy Chinese food (or other Asian food). Due to a lot of racists being racist and avoiding buying from those restaurants.

So, if you're ordering in, get Chinese Food. 🙏

some people claim that well-established straight white dudes' careers are destroyed over "social justice" backlash. not typically -- dudes tend to remain comfortably wealthy

then when a marginalized individual fails to perfectly represent every unique aspect of the human experience, they're subjected to "the same" negative consequences, except, big difference: they actually suffer economic damages

it's hypocrisy, cowardice and bullshit. it's enabled by "progressives" and it has to fucking stop

Anarchist trans health care, hrt, contact info at bottom, I'm not affiliated but looks cool 

Full page of a zine. The center of it is a bottle of hormones with the label being an angry hissing cat with bangs photoshopped on. The text reads "Are you tired of... Having to explain to doctors that you're trans enough? OVERPRICED online pharmacies always being out of stock? Doctors telling you you're too CRAZY? That you're NOT CRAZY ENOUGH? That you DONT EVEN EXIST? Or, just not having access to the hormones you deserve? Well, we might have a solution! Introducing K.A.T. PHARMACY.

The text goes on to say they sell hormones (rn only estradiol) at cost and their contact information ( for questions and requests.

ICE Is Using Location Data From Games and Apps to Track and Arrest Immigrants, Report Says

“The data is drawn from inconspicuous cell phone apps, like games and weather apps, that ask the user’s permission to access their location. But the data has been used by DHS to “help identify immigrants who were later arrested,” and by CBP to identify cell activity in places such as remote desert areas on the Mexican border...”


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