Ok! After lots of iterations and learning, I've finished my 🎍 bamboo pulley system 🎍 experiment! It was so much fun :3

You can learn more about it on my website: kira.solar/pulleys.html

Please ask any Qs you have -- I'm happy to talk about this!

Initial experiments seemed pretty successful! It's definitely tough fibrous material.

I haven't figured out a good way to get the fibres off of the inner pith, so I only had some pretty short strands to work with. 🌿

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If you live in the bay area or the mediterranean you'll likely have seen this fella!

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pictured: modified screwdriver with a lashed-on crossbar to allow me to use different muscle groups when I was putting in LOTS of screws this weekend πŸ˜ͺ

So, it seems that moving a magnet across a coil of copper wire makes an electrical current!??

This is.. bizarre. How the heck??? Utterly flabbergasted. This feels like a bug in the universe.

Good morning fediverse β˜€οΈ

What is your favourite colour?

Mine is this seafoam-y green:

This morning I made a little splint by splitting a small segment of bamboo, and a bit of twine. This potato sprout had bent in half in the wind a couple of weeks ago. 🌱

Store-bought garlic sprouting in a small pot of coffee grounds.

cc @neauoire who gave me the idea.

I did some macro photography yesterday!

It's *hard*! I don't have a macro lens, so the stacking technique I'm doing makes the plane of focus suuuuper narrow.

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