Yesterday I wrote the modulus operator for the WDR Paper Computer[1].

It's a tiny computer with only 5 instructions: add1, sub1, jump to line#, end program, and is-zero?.

My conclusions so far about paper computing:
- It's really fun to figure out clever ways to write programs using a limited instruction set!
- Running programs by hand is pretty tedious and gets old fast. ^__^


Updated the microsail to have jam cleats, using a split in the wood (thanks @rek). Now it's able to be much tighter.

I've realized that the sail is actually too big for the mast & boom! I cut the fabric to match those dimensions, but to get a really tight-trimmed sail, I think the sail needs to actually be *smaller* than the triangle of space here, so that it can have room when it needs to be stretched.

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Picked up two new/used books from a cute dusty bookstore in Vancouver yesterday! ^___^

Last Sunday I got to hang out with @sunflower_avenue in her local woods & I got to be her first basket weaving student. ^_____^

She guided me through making this little basket out of invasive english ivy. So so so happy with it! Thank you so much Sun!

I did my first ever patch today!

It's hard to tell from the angle, but it's the crotch of a pair of yoga pants that my partner hand-me-down'd to me. I sit cross-legged a lot (criss-cross apple-sauce!), so I tear a lot of pants there.

I used "back-stitching" for this, where you stitch forward 2, then back 1, and repeat. This makes the seam *very* strong, I've found.

I came across this only because of this shot in Nausicaa I was watching this evening.

(Also, check out that old-timey rangefinder!!!)

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Really beautiful little solarpunk short. I forget who shared it with me originally.

If it says the video isn't available in your country (e.g. Canada), you can download this version I youtube-dl'd and also added english subs to: (Don't use the web player though; it doesn't seem to be able to find the subs.)

My second fermentation experiment: sauerkraut!

I used a few resources, including !

I didn't have a measuring scale, but one website said you can use some tricks:

1 tsp salt = 5g
500 mL volume container = holds ~500g of contents

Collected some candidates for arrows in the woods today :3

I'm really excited about the dead mature salmonberry (right)! It's very straight and doesn't have as intense nodules for buds like the saplings have (left).

Trying a new trick for getting avocado pits started :3

They like to be heads-dry butts-wet.

"Map of the prototype Internet in 1982, showing 8-bit-numbered networks (ovals) only, interconnected by routers (rectangles)"


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