@neauoire And put both somewhere where it can drain freely (e.g. the sink)?

@xarvos What I think I've noticed is that the tofu having a higher water content prevents it from browning & getting nice & crispy.

Friends: how do you drain your tofu before cooking?

Every website seems to recommend using paper towels, which I'm always loathe to waste.

@freakazoid Yeah, I'm not a big supporter of the "burn it all down" plan -- it's not even really a plan. Though I'm not sure what the best angle of attack is for creating positive change.

I wish more people could see that the stuff they hate about "modern society" are things that can actually be changed.

That lots of the things that suck are only necessitated by the way we're collectively living & the systems we're propping up.

Bummed I wasn't able to take a moon sighting last night! Either too many clouds or I couldn't stay up late enough for moonrise :_moonfog:

Context: I've been studying the movement of the moon on my own, trying to understand its motion first-hand.

naive question, news sources, anxiety 

@aeki You aren't alone in this difficulty :/

@solenepercent @solene That's really cool! What tool did you use to generate the first graph?

Are there any folx on my timeline who have chosen against getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Curious to hear your thinking behind this decision.

@sunflower_avenue This is a really hard urge to resist, and just, like, a tough situation to be in. :/

I feel like every year I get worse and worse at being a regular polite member of society.

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