@rek there was a time lag, cuz y'know, speed-of-hug travel, but it got here :)

@roadriverrail Oh! Hm. I'm not sure what will help me feelings-wise. Me writing here is trying to talk about it, instead of holding it all in.

Hello, I am a massive emotional wreck today.

I just moved to a new country, after building a home with my ex-partner for 9 years. I left all of my local community behind, because my US work visa ran out & my mental health is too poor to keep working. I feel so alone, and without a home or a direction.

Seeking support & kindness. πŸ’™

Mastodon: is there a way to search a particular user's toots for keywords?

Kindly take a side. 🍊

Orange juice:

@roadriverrail Oh gosh. Far too much, my friend. πŸ˜…

I meant this mostly rhetorically, as a share of what I've been struggling with lately.

One thing that comes to mind is the mindset of treating cis women as the "goal" and comparing myself to that. Which is of course a losing battle. Even *cis* women lose at that game!!! So, trying to find a healthier mindset that makes trans bodies just as valid as their cis counterparts.

local networks that filter

multicast packets 😑
direct p2p connections 🀬

how 2 deprogram internalized terf ideology plz?

drinkin some coffee β˜•

messing around with rust >__>

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