Decolonize Invasive Species ...

Some strangulation bitch ivy (English Ivy is NOT native to this continent) was suffocating an old tree at a park in SW #Portland.

We can describe it with perfect metaphor for the Europeans on this land: the tree being colonized and suffocating (yeah; think "I can't breathe") is exactly what happens here, as native land being colonized.

Three full mornings of wrestling work (+hella sore muscles and nearly bleeding fingertips) later, am a little over halfway done. First did what they call the "life saver" ring (second pic). Am not tall enough to get the top ivy off, but it's not necessary to remove it all, as long as the roots are removed.

One or two more days, and will have what I hope will end up being the recommended minimum 6' clearance of invasive species around the trunk.

Roots were extensive and deep, everywhere. Three huge piles already...

First photo shows thickness of ivy rope... tree has been suffering a long time against this monster. Next two pics are "after" some clearing, and last pic is a "before" image of one side of the tree.

English ivy and its aggressive strangling relatives no belong on Isla Torta. This my small donation to the grandmothers.

Just a reminder that the US is celebrating "independence" today while still holding Puerto Rico, the (US) Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands as colonies.

@jrc03c Choo components are just a module.exports that takes state & emit functions and returns an html/dom interpolated string.

@cblgh I really like how using choo is really just functions, event emitters, and text interpolation, and no *magic*, which Vue (at first glance!) looks like it does a bunch of in the name of convenience.

If you write frontend web programs...

Choo πŸš‚ is πŸšƒ very πŸšƒ nice

Is it possible to add my own custom emoji on Mastodon without being the owner of the instance I'm on?

capitalists: without the profit motive, nobody would do anything

modding communities: i have ported rollback netcode into super smash brothers melee

Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

@acdw I like the energy even if I don't understand :D

Hiiiiiγ€œβ˜€οΈ I don't like needing to do this, but I'm still unemployed and my savings are starting to run low. So I have a ko-fi page now! If you can spare anything, I'd really appreciate any help with my living costs over the next few weeks.

Thanks. You're a delight πŸ’š

@cblgh do you have any pics or writeups on the build? that's so rad.

PSA for `mplayer` users:

You may *really* like `mpv`. It's basically mplayer but with a minimal UI to see playback/streaming progress, and built-in streaming of youtube urls.

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