There seem to be a parallel between a sailboat and a computer.

We cannot find well-made parts built after the 80s, all the companies making quality products have gone out of business, and the market has been flooded with flimsy plastic garbage.

We finally found what we were looking for today, second-hand, built in 1978. I can't help but think of Jonathan Blow's talk.

We were invited recently to Paul Rollins' anarchist permaculture garden. We dubbed it "anarchist" because it mostly lets the plants decide for themselves how to grow with and around each other. It also doesn't require most of the typical "work" associated with gardening, such as weeding and troweling. It literally uses every space available to produce food. If you live in a place that doesn't get much water, it's great because it doesn't even require watering! It also produces an incredible yield. It can fit a lot of food into even a small space.

Any open yard space or empty lot can do; his is in the front yard of a house he's renting.

Of the many ways to adopt concepts that increase Community Wealth and make an ecostead, this one would be effective for ending food apartheid. (@emsenn probably will enjoy this)

1. Mow down the grass or weeds.

2. Cover the ground with cardboard or several layers of craft paper ... plastic can be used as well. Anything that can hinder undergrowth works.

3. Add a layer of straw. How thick this layer need be depends on many things: one is the amount of rain you get. More rain = more straw. The straw will eventually act like a sponge, helping the garden share and re-circulate the moisture underground.

4. Add a thick layer of compost, or compost / dirt blend. This is where anarchy thrives best, among all the decomposing ruins of a system.

5. Toss a seed blend (cover crop) over the whole thing. Cover with another light layer of straw and compost... water and walk away.

6. (optional) Plant large sunscreen-type crops (sunflowers and corn) near your indoor windows for extra air conditioning power in hot climates.

#LIvingWall #Anarchist #Permaculture #Gardening
#CommunityWealth #Ecostead

correction: *should* work on

I think I found my problem

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having one of those days where I feel inspired to work on everything except what I decided I wanted to work on

it sucks that it's using Google underneath the recognition, but I'm trying to write it in a way that makes it pluggable for other voice systems in the future!

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starting to get the hang of using voice dictation for small typing jobs.

I have it set up so I pressed the printscreen button on my computer and it play the sound bite, then record me, and then placing their sound bites let me know when it's finished.

it's not as nice as being able to type and make my text formatted the way that I prefer, but it's saving me a lot of strain on my hands which is really nice.

what I'm really jazzed about is its potential to automate higher-level tasks, and potentially even building out a library of voice-controlled components that people can reuse and add to!

Thinking about how shame can lead to desire fr privacy. (But certainly not all privacy is rooted in shame.)

using a typed language and then going to JS or Lisp is hard

i'm like: how do you, like, know your types are correct? are you just, like.. hoping they are? O___O;;;

Pinephone reflections 

Okay, so my first impressions of the pinephone postmarketos CE are negative, but I am not giving up yet.

I messed with the UI on the OS installed on the phone’s internal eMMC flash, attempting to get plasma working, but it didn’t cause LightDM to fully load plasma, and instead I have some bizarre mixture of phosh and plasma on the phone.

Cell data now no longer seems to work with the OS on the eMMC, so I am going to start a somewhat more systematic and arduous process of flashing a multiboot image onto an SD card and trying out as many of the different pinephone operating systems as possible.

One of the major issues with many of the software distributions for the pinephone is how power hungry they all are. The battery will frequently overheat and cause the last 10% of battery charge to amount to something like 30 seconds of remaining system time.

I think like all my FOSS explorations, a lot of patience and trial and error will lead to some food results.

One thing that caught me by surprise is how much more active the Mobian (mobile Debian) project is on the Pine64 forums than postmarketos! I am keen to have a look at Mobian, but, I think the only distribution that can currently make calls and SMSs is postmarketos right now. If only I hadn’t messed around with the guts of the OS on the phone’s internet storage and fucked the cell data connection.

In other news, I really enjoyed how glossy all the different distributions look. The professionalism of, as well as the courage to be experimental by the different user interfaces is really, really promising.

I think when it comes to the pinephone, the hardware is sorted, I think, but we’re still waiting for a critical jump in software features and stability. But that will come, I think.

food, vegan 

Made tofu pepper mushroom chow mein for the first time this evening! Theyfriend heralds it a success!

realizing that I said voice recognition when what I meant was voice automation

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Here's a video of our North Pacific ocean crossing from Japan to Canada, in which we spent 51 days at sea.

oof. My wrists are really bad today. I've been experimenting with a modular voice recognition program i've been working on that works in a unix-like composable fashion. in fact, I actually wrote this toot using it! more coming soon!

"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

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