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everything in the universe is in the public domain

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wasn’t impressed with what I saw at the gender store today

*sighs & shakes up bottle of estrogen*

gonna hafta DIY my own~~

Thank you for the recommendations, everyone.

Right now I'm leaning toward waiting for the PinePhone to get a bit more mature, and make the best of what I've got until then.

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"I'm bisexual but men are on thin ice" is such a mood.

Hey friends: phone recommendations?

Truly, I just want something that

1. doesn't track me
2. has a decent web browser
3. can make phone calls + do sms
4. has a halfway decent map app
5. will last for several years

I miss websites that loaded exactly once, and didn't change underneath you.

Really surprised all landlords didn’t have six months of rent saved up for an emergency

wonderful birdsite post of grocery store scraps you can grow/reproduce yourself:

free software, as an institution, isn't really any better

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free software didn't "break through" into mainstream

rather, tech companies realized it was a free resource to exploit

"open source" is free software but for capitalism

free software can NEVER be mainstream, because it subverts capital


Someone in our apartment building has been stealing people's mail packages for months. Today they stole a $45 hand-made skirt I ordered! I. Am. Sick. Of. This. 😤

Oh gosh, friends, I'm just completely overloaded right now. 😵

What are your strategies for slowing down & simplifying?

more directly: stories about people reselling hand sanitizer and toilet paper provide a convenient outlet for proletarian rage that reinforces the system of punitive and carceral law enforcement and deflects responsibility from the ruling classes.

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pay attention to the news in these times and see how many little the political and capitalist classes are held to task for their systemic failures and how often their subjects are taken to task for not engaging with capitalism "correctly".

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