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I adore this poem -- it's been a bit of a guiding light 🌟 for me. It's been pinned to my browser tabs for weeks, and when I feel down I pick a stanza to read.

Flying YVR->YYZ today. Flight's been delayed because of heavy rain here in Vancouver.

Verrry anxious about this trip, but I have my noise-cancelling headphones & fox-friend plushie 🦊 πŸ’œ

real love is sharing your truth even when it hurts to hear and say. especially so.

I'm away from home this year, but happy I get to spend it with a couple of local friends.

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<-- is the birthday girl today ^___^


reinterpretation of economy of scale 

Economy of scale is usually known as the trick where you make a TON of something in order to make the per-unit cost lower.

But there are other types:

1. Designing an object so that it can be efficiency shared among many people. (scaling on humans instead of units produced)

2. Designing an object so that it is simple enough for others to reproduce in a decentralized fashion /wo highly specialized tools. (also scaling on units produced)

omigosh, I have my first date-like construct in 8 years tonight!!! :o

wish me luck πŸ’œ

Recomendations for durable earphones?
It turns out i treat my headphones super roughly. And ive broken the last two pairs ive had.
Anyone got recs for durable ones? Im willing to spend a bit more for something that will last
I tend to use wired earbuds, but im open to wireless ones as well

Reminder: you don't need to justify your boundaries to others.

I use a trick though, where I interleave 15 minute segments of something fun / exciting to me between tasks, so it doesn't feel like an endless pile of work.

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I feel like an alien on a peculiar, unknown planet. :/

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I don't think I understand what "romance" is.

My best explanation has always been "the re-enactment of tropes from media that are socially coded as romantic". Buying flowers, doing the Lady & the Tramp pasta thing, etc. But it's just.. mimicry! Interested in others' hopefully more nuanced thoughts on this.

sometimes (ok, often) I get surprised by the kinds of cool sci-fi stuff that already exists.

for example: we already have ION THRUSTERS!? :o

watching Steven Universe is such joyful self-care ⭐ 🌭

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