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"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think." -- Rumi 🐦

I think I used to conclude the former a lot more quickly than I do now. So many things are hard problems! O__O;;

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Sometimes it's really hard to tell whether something is over-engineered or whether there's a lot of necessary complexity inherent in the problem space.

Zoom groups that demand you have your camera turned on. 🤮

Entering my first rainy season in BC. Fedi friends, please share your bicycling-in-the-rain tips with me! 🌧️ 🚲

Understanding my feelings has long been very challenging for me.

Imagine the only data you have to go on is a stream of periodic beeps, like morse code. Except, some beeps are very loud, some are incredibly quiet, and there's interference on the signal that causes some beeps to be lost and also sometimes creates fake beeps.

Oh, and the act of observing the beeps has a feedback effect on the overall structure of the beeps.

Crows were **waiting on my balcony railing** for me when I was walking up to the apartment today. O___O;;

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Working through some logic here based on an experience today..

Do I have any friends who have built a bicycle trailer? I am interested in your notes.

Crows who know how to fit 2+ peanuts in their mouth. 👏 🥜

Seeking science fiction book recommendations! 🛸

I super duper enjoyed Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, and Becky Chambers' writing, if that helps direct your rec.s! (i.e. not solely focused on cishet white men doing sci-fi things)

Has anyone started a site/database to track electronic components within commercial products? I think this idea has been mentioned before, I'm definitely not taking credit.

Like you need chip "abc" but can't buy it new or get it today, you can look it up and then go find/scrounge/buy a used toaster or whatever that has the chip.

Last night I finished my first two Octavia Butler reads, Parable of the {Sower,Talents}.

They were.. amazing. Brutal, but amazing. I cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking for science fiction that's actually about race, poverty, and other marginalized narratives that seldom get spotlight time in SF.

decided to decorate some plain sneakers! i still have some studs left tho, so ideas on what to do with them are still welcome.

i also re-laced the shoelaces according to this tutorial:

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given name
purchased name
found name
stolen name
illegally downloaded name
acquired under mysterious circumstances name

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