Folx who have an adjustable desk that they like:

- What type/brand is it?
- Where did you buy it?

I really miss my HTC Legend phone[1]. It was super slow & laggy unfortunately, but the metal finish and hand-feel were sooo good.


This beautifully summarizes the essence of failure of the schooling system I grew up in.

Now momma's chilling on the ground while kiddo explores a bit.

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Now they're grooming each other at the same time. πŸ–€

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From my window I can see a momma deer grooming her kiddo.

The little one's head gets pushed back from each lick and keeps on trying to straighten their neck for the next big grooming lick.

I don't know a lot about what will be in my autobiography, but I do know the the first page will say

"This page intentionally left blank"

and the second page will say

"This page unintentionally left blank"

It doesn't satisfy #3, but for now I'm trying ikiwiki[1], and it seems pretty nice so far.

I might try to change the backend to be simple markdown files and a static site generator in the future, but for now this is okay.


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Added dynamic lighting to my raycaster, thrown light glyphs light up the environment as they pass. #theWorkshop #theLudarium #gamedev

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it was low tide, which is like 9 inches of water in berkeley, so we didn't get to go out

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I went to "Ground School" today at the local sailing club! I mostly focused on learning rigging -- this means "bringing the sails up the mast" -- and how to move the dinghies with the hoist into and out of the water.

Oh oh oh! And I made a new sailing friend, who might also be queer? ^___^ We're going to practice rigging together sometime soon.

Does anyone else feel like their ability to focus on long-form writing and thinking deeply about things has diminished over the last 10 years?

I do, and I don't think I'm the only one who's noticed it.

I really dislike notifications.

Instead, I significantly prefer the *pull model*. 90s kids will remember back when email programs had a "Check for New Mail" button. That's how I'd like to interact with the majority of the internet.

Thinking a lot lately about the Eisenhower Matrix[1].

I realized that almost everything I do on a smartphone is in Q3 or Q4. Maaaybe Q1 for important/urgent phone calls.

Basically no *real work* (Q2) happens on this device.


Respect people and their time.
Respect your craft.
Be sincere.
Create genuinely useful things. by Brad Frost

Hey folx, I hear some of y'all like personal knowledge wikis. I'd like recommendations.

My needs are:

1. Runs entirely locally / offline.
2. Readable *and* editable in the browser.
3. Simple backend (eg. markdown files).
4. Easy to link to other pages using page names or somekind of shorthand (vs. needing to write a whole markdown link).

cc @cblgh @neauoire

Lesson: be mindful of how clean a hose is before using it as a siphon pump & sucking on it. You may huff particulates you may not have wanted to huff.

πŸ’« 😡 πŸ’«

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