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everything in the universe is in the public domain

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wasn’t impressed with what I saw at the gender store today

*sighs & shakes up bottle of estrogen*

gonna hafta DIY my own~~

I have some friends working on making kombucha scobys into leather, but this looks super fucking cool.
Turning into leather!!!

gender hot take 


nsfw; erotic fiction 

"If any script fails, the page still delivers its core functions and information via the markup, stylesheets and/or server-side scripting."

Types of wetlands 

on Sunbeam City with y'all brings me so much <333

institutions are wild

easy to get sucked in & think they're real

feature request: ability to set a TTL (time to live) on toots.

Sometimes I share useful resources and such and I'd like those to survive basically forever, but other times I'll share selfies or feelings stuff, and it feels weird having those persist for more than a few days.

where there's one thigh hole, there's usually a second. the purple jeans again, I stayed with the plaid flannel pinked on the edges but opted for a circular patch this time. Did simple stitches spiraling into the center.

You can share information and kindness freely, without ever diminishing how much you originally had. Just as one candle can light a hundred more without ever losing any brightness.

reminder: it’s always “trans(gender) woman”, not ever “transwoman”.

the space matters

open source; public service announcement 

( soft parens )
[ hard parens ]
{ sharp parens }

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