Friends: how do you drain your tofu before cooking?

Every website seems to recommend using paper towels, which I'm always loathe to waste.

I wish more people could see that the stuff they hate about "modern society" are things that can actually be changed.

That lots of the things that suck are only necessitated by the way we're collectively living & the systems we're propping up.

Bummed I wasn't able to take a moon sighting last night! Either too many clouds or I couldn't stay up late enough for moonrise :_moonfog:

Context: I've been studying the movement of the moon on my own, trying to understand its motion first-hand.

Are there any folx on my timeline who have chosen against getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Curious to hear your thinking behind this decision.

I feel like every year I get worse and worse at being a regular polite member of society.

I learned the double fisherman's loop and used it to create a new washing line with snap hooks on either end.

Tight knots. Taut line. So satisfying.

Love how websites dealt with browsers blocking pop-ups by just creating their own ad-hoc popups using JS. :-/

@thrill @neauoire
I started spoon carving, it's a fantastic (and almost meditative) activity. It's this book that inspired me, and the great work of EJ (RIP)...

Ooo incoming bean!! 🌱

He's a speedy guy: these were taken < 24h apart!

Oh, yay! Today I learned I could use KDE Marble to measure the length of my runs instead of Google Maps.

It feels really nice to be able to use a FOSS offline-capable program for this instead of a corporate cloud service.

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