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Can queers who don't use labels stop being smug about it and saying 'labels are bullshit' and things like that? Sure, nobody should apply labels to others without their permission and you definitely don't have to use them if you don't want, but the ones people choose for themselves can be really comfortable, afferming, and a source of pride. Get off your high horse, your identity isn't magically more progressive.

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COBOL - Built to Last

In this sense, COBOL and its scapegoating show us an important aspect of high tech that few in Silicon Valley, or in government, seem to understand. Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress. In fact, it is among the most regressive paths a society can take.

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Dearest universe:

please be full of fewer amazing cool things, so I can focus on just a couple of things at once.

Yours (literally/atomically),

~ Kira

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Ok! After lots of iterations and learning, I've finished my 🎍 bamboo pulley system 🎍 experiment! It was so much fun :3

You can learn more about it on my website:

Please ask any Qs you have -- I'm happy to talk about this!

"Food fermentation is a strange thing: it inverts what many regard as waste and turns it into a social, living, edible object. As a friend of mine once said, if you have too many grapes, you make wine. If you have too much wine, you throw a party. If you still have too much wine, you make vinegar. Fermentation turns scarcity and abundance on its head, belying easy categories of what is waste and what is too much."

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Initial experiments seemed pretty successful! It's definitely tough fibrous material.

I haven't figured out a good way to get the fibres off of the inner pith, so I only had some pretty short strands to work with. 🌿

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If you live in the bay area or the mediterranean you'll likely have seen this fella!

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Found a big tough stalk of common mallow by the bay yesterday. Excited to mess with it and see if it can make good cordage like I heard :o

"The priests came among us. They taught us to hate our bodies. They taught us to fear the forest, the mountains, the black night. They monopolized magic and wed it to ceremony."

I've been learning how pulleys work by building my own from scratch from natural & salvaged materials, and I'm trying to decide if a write-up or video would be more enjoyable for folx?

There's not much to see yet, but v1 of my new website is up!!!!!!

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The Search Engine for Vintage Computers

paging @MutoShack 🤓

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I made these two solarpunk patches.
They are made out of felt sheets and needle felted together. They don't have an iron on backing so they'll have to sewn on.
I want to give them away if someone is interested. I can mail them within so called canada and the us.

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It's interesting that just three decades after Pripyat was abandoned because of the Chernobyl disaster, the forest has already reclaimed the city.

Don't let anyone convince you that reforestation is difficult. It'll happen all by itself, if people allow it to.

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