I don't have a before and after here, but I hit my step count before noon!

Your garden looks awesome! What kind of mulch is that on the tarp?

@RuttokansanTuote It's just hardwood mulch. 2 cubic yards. I don't have a truck, so my friend dropped it off in the front yard for me. So yesterday was me filling the wheelbarrow with mulch and carrying it over to the back yard.

@RuttokansanTuote I'm putting the mulch in between the beds as a walkway. I have enough left for all the beds I wanna mulch.

I'm gonna inoculate these walkways with mushroom spores so there's a kind of mycelium bridge between the beds...That's the idea, anyway.

Sounds great! I've been thinking of trying to grow oyster mushrooms in my garden too.

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