The results from the “Imperialist appropriation in the world economy” paper confirm that the global North relies on a massive net appropriation of resources and labour from the South. The figures are quite staggering.

In 2015, the North’s net appropriation from the South included:

-12 billion tons of embodied raw material equivalents
-822 million hectares of embodied land
-21 Exajoules of embodied energy
-188 million person-years of embodied labour

This fall I’ve been planting a small guerrilla forest garden on some unused public land. My idea is trying to create a system that, once established, continues to produce free food for people year after year even if I (or anybody else) weren’t there to tend to it. So far my plantings include:

- white oak
- siberian peashrub
- gooseberry
- raspberry
- black currant
- strawberry
- lovage
- garlic
- walking onion

I’d love to hear if you guys have ideas what other hardy perennials I could be planting, or any other thoughts about doing this kind of work.

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