I'm going to start translating a piece of software into , and I have a question.

Pardonu pro mi uzas la anglan.

There are some strings in English, for example, "copy to clipboard".

My question is, is that a command? Should that be translated as "kopiu al tondujo" or "kopii al tondujo"?

Is the command implied by the existence of the button, as if to say ~press this button~ "to copy ("kopii") to clipboard"? Or is pressing the button itself the command, in which case you are commanding the computer to copy ("kopiu") something to the clipboard?

@teslas_moustache mi estas komencanta, sed se vi regardu la mastodon ui vi vidu ke ĝi uzas "i" finaĵoj

if you look at the mastodon ui in esperanto it uses i endings

@teslas_moustache Use -i, otherwise you are “commanding”/asking the user to do something. At least that's how it feels to me when I see -u's in this context :blobcatgiggle:

We use it similarly in Russian — «копировать» (-i), not «копируй» (-u).

Mi ne scias por esperanto, sed en la franca, oni uzas la infinitivon por butonoj. Do mi pensas "copii".

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