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If you support the prc or stalinism then you support capitalism and imperialism

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I moved the esperanto keyboard for windows i made to github

it still works the same way, you press AltGr + c g h j s or u to get the esperanto letters ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ or ŭ

but i did remove the other accented letters because i found they tended to get pressed by accident

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pagliacci: i am depressed

doctor: you should go and see pagliacci

pagliacci: but doctor, i am pagliacci

doctor: no i'm referring you to dr pagliacci, a psychiatrist colleague of mine who happens to have the same surname as you.

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My uncle (111 M) gifted me (33 M) a ring before leaving to go travelling. A close family friend (2019 M) told me to destroy the ring due to problematic associations with the jeweller who made it, but the ring is precious to me and I would feel guilty throwing it away. AITA?

"gonna make a game called Oh Shit! that's exactly like pacman except every time you die I scream OOOHH SHIIIIT" would be an absolute top-tier shitpost but that's a thing that actually happened in the 80's

Heh Heh heh, that's what I love about time , man. I get older, the 90's were still only 10 years ago.

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I'm thinking about how after Trump got elected we were all told we would see a flourishing of art under this newfound cultural conservative duress, and yet every single piece of "resistance" media has been just the most embarrassing shit.

Germany's pro-Israel Left Has a New Target in the Crosshairs: Jews

Ideas and opinions that can be voiced freely in Israeli academia will spark a big backlash in Berlin, led by the Antideutsche movement

i just want to say, cutting someone off, unfriending, refusing to speak to them isn't doing nothing, it lets them know you consider there behaviour to be unacceptable

Entire Half-Life Series is free to play on steam, starting from now and ending when Half-Life: Alyx comes out in March.

If you have never played Half-Life or missing some of games from your bucket list, they are all part of the deal, including Opposing Force, Blue Shift and all of the episodes.

Click the links in the body to install those games.


Uber is where the problem lies ultimately. They don't pay their workers much of anything, or train them, and they shift all responsibility for ADA compliance onto their workers. This would be a good point of contention and opposition for a leftist movement that was concerned with systematic change - opposing Uber rather than bullying a disabled woman

there's this poster coffeespoonie who blogs a lot, is in a wheelchair, and currently her twitter is protected, and i only lurk and read, i don't follow anyone

she's a disabled Jewish woman, and she was on several occasions denied a ride with her service animal in Uber, so she wrote about this, and as a consequence of this, her Uber driver got fired

and people are attacking her as spoiled and entitled and an enemy of the workers etc. etc., comparing her to hitler, dressing it up in left lingo

remember this story? remember how it just fucking HAPPENED??? it wasnt like the routine killings that just dont get reported on, this shit was a widely reported news story and nobody fucking gave a shit, none of these criminals faced any repercutions whatsoever its just "kill browns? yep thats what we do"

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