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If you support the prc or stalinism then you support capitalism and imperialism

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I moved the esperanto keyboard for windows i made to github

it still works the same way, you press AltGr + c g h j s or u to get the esperanto letters ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ or ŭ

but i did remove the other accented letters because i found they tended to get pressed by accident

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via Working Class History

"On this day, 8 December 2008, two days after the killing of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos (pictured) by police, protests across Greece escalated into a full-blown revolt. The rebellion was so militant and extensive that it resulted in the jailing of the killer officers. One commentator noted: “On the 8th, Monday the anarchists themselves were surprised by the level of violence coming from many parts of society. They felt anxious. These were the people who before were very active and very violent, and now they felt surprised and even a little anxious about society, They felt that society had surpassed them.” This is a great selection of writings on the uprising: "

Firefox Reader Mode can override a lot of website's paywalls and article limits.

Out of curiosity, how many people still use RSS (or Atom)?

i'm subscribed to a youtube channel that doesn't have the best grasp on english but they try their best and that's what matters

Driver passes UPS truck that was involved in the Miami shooting.

The only people the cops serve and protect is themselves.

Fuck the Police.

which is more cyberpunk?

(boosts appreciated)

ICYMI: Gainax's owner Tomohiro Maki got arrested for taking photos of a teenage girl. Apparently he was running a dormitory for female employees to train in voice acting and made her stay there

If my employer ever thanks the cops for murdering me on the job feel free to throw a brick through their window

police shooting, ups 

I recommend reading Alexander Berkman's 'The Bolshevik Myth' on the suppression of #anarchists in the early days of so-called Soviet power. Emma Goldman's 'My Disillusion with Russia' as a companion piece.

National strike in France 

still going off about anti-vaxxers 

meta, screen shot dunking 

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