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If you support the prc or stalinism then you support capitalism and imperialism

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I moved the esperanto keyboard for windows i made to github

it still works the same way, you press AltGr + c g h j s or u to get the esperanto letters ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ or ŭ

but i did remove the other accented letters because i found they tended to get pressed by accident

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spicy anarchist take in shitpost format 

tired: "everyone deserves a living wage so they can afford to live."

wired: "no one should have to pay for food, healthcare, housing, or education in the first place."

Joking about Jordan Peterson's addiction and treatment 

Man goes to a Russian doctor.

"Doctor, I am addicted to benzos"

Doctor looks at him and says: "The treatment is simple, great psychologist Jordan Peterson wrote great book "12 rules for life". Go and read it. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says "But Doctor… I am Jordan Peterson"

eugenics, racism, ukpol 

so the government hired a man who advocates eugenics, and the prime minister refused to say if he thinks black people have lower iqs or if he supports eugenics

the eugenics adviser has quit now, but this is where things are with the uk government right now

trpol - gezi park trial 

I still can’t believe it but the judge acquitted everyone in the #GeziTrial in Turkey.

alt-right, homophobia, antisemitism 

I forget if I mentioned it here but I ran into a think a bit ago about "Should we allow gay people in the alt-right?", arguing "no" against some other people.

And basically the core/whole of the argument was "ACTUALLY you are WRONG when you say homophobia is a Jewish Conspiracy! It is HOMOSEXUALITY that is a Jewish Conspiracy!".
The entire way through.
Absolutely *chef's kiss*, I was laughing so hard.

i don't like how some people assume only cis people dont want to put pronouns in their bios

should all trans people be required to out themselves so you can feel better about how progressive you are?

me every day: damn i should really write this thing

also me: woah! shiny thing! i should stare at it for a couple hours

You've got some nice memes against tesla, elon musk (and the culture around him) and green capitalism?

Send us some. #Tesla is talking to us on twitter, and they talk to much shit....

Why is goblin camp at war with myasstodon?

anarchism, voting 

you know what's seriously wrong with that Emma Goldman quote, "if voting changed anything it would be made illegal"? for starters, she never said that. in fact, she lived in a time when voting WAS illegal for a whole lot of people.

the quote itself is actually from a 1976 opinion piece in the Sun by Robert Borden:

emoji battle royale. three emoji enter, one emoji leaves

good twitter thread

"There's a simplistic moral case for anarchism that I haven't really seen made all that much, which is just LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WE GAVE THE STATE A CHANCE. The modern nation state has basically controlled the globe for about 150 years and

Moreover, ICE must be destroyed"

"good god man LOOK AT WHAT IT DID. We saw the colonization of Africa and Asia culminating in what Mike Davis called the late Victorian holocausts, which killed 30-60 MILLION people, Europe said fuck it and killing 22 million people in the trenches

Moreover, ICE must be destroyed"

"of one of the most pointless wars in human history, punctuated by people fucking gassing each other and developing new and more powerful mechanisms of lighting each other on fire. The colonial wars intensify, the famines intensify, the gassing

Moreover, ICE must be destroyed""

- finished on twitter

Y'all should aspire to be a good coworker and a terrible employee.

mastodon absolutism has never been, is not, and will never be cool

Food, food insecurity 

Fundamentally, I think, most of the efforts directed at 'improving' the eating habits of poor people are born out of nothing but hatred and revulsion. We know (and they know that we know) that we should be eating more home cooked meals, we should be eating more (highly perishable!) fresh vegetables, that we should be eating more foods that cost more and are far more time-consuming to prepare. They are aware of our financial poverty as well as our time poverty. And yet, so few efforts are focused on actually *enabling* people to eat differently. I would certainly eat better if I had more time and money wasn't as tight. Most people would. The best way to guarantee people eat better is to raise wages, reduce the number of hours they need to work, or give them money they can put towards food. But there's no money for that. There's only money for billboards.

In all domains of political activity, progressive activists work with progressive researchers to organise tactically and produce knowledge in order to improve people's lives. This notably involves introducing new language and criticising old language, a process that will be well-known to many people here. It is in the spirit of this tradition that I'd like to briefly make people aware of the current debate among academics around the term "Anglo-Saxon".

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