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remember in the old days when u had to be like "make sure to block the instance they post literal child pornography and their admin is david duke's nephew and has been convicted for stabbing"


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Don't forget, if you're on a Mastodon instance and there's something going on that you don't like, you can add a filter

Settings > Filters > Add new filter

#Linux: Newly discovered vulnerability in Canonical's snapd daemon gives attackers root access. The vulnerability has been patched, but it is not available yet in the Linux Mint update manager

Follow the Haiti Information Project ( for updates.

Solidarity with Haiti!


Still using mIRC? Time to update:

This release fixes a major security issue involving remote code execution vulnerability that affects all versions of mIRC to date.

Updating would be a very good idea.


HELL YEAH: “All 78 detainees escape Haiti prison during protest” Show more


"Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019"

oh thank god they still haven't fixed this--Don't anybody DARE hit that feedback button.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the Fair Fringe campaign! We've had our first big win of the year!

C Venues, the operators mainly responsible for poor treatment of fringe workers, have just been booted out Adam House, a building that they've held onto for 20 years!

There are 5 organizations left who are still letting out space to C Venues:
* Deacon's House Cafe
* Royal Society of Edinburgh
* Roman Eagle Lodge CLX
* St Peter's
* St Columba's-by-the-Castle

Please contact these orgs, if you can, and urge them to refuse access to C Venues. I can provide you with contact details for each, if need be.

"Moreover, educationally disadvantaged members of grassroots groups are almost completely excluded from the work that is done on the international level, because they possess no knowledge or insufficient knowledge of foreign languages. Generally speaking, internationalists and anti-nationalists face the fundamental question of how to enable people of various languages, who are otherwise unable to communicate with each other, to enter unhindered collective activity."

One reason the libertarian spectrum should find Esperanto relevant is that grassroots democratic orgs and social movements cannot maintain staffs of translators and interpreters, unlike govts and corps. ... The power relationships within a system of quasi-communication ... are also something of a problem from an anarchist perspective.

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