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If you support the prc or stalinism then you support capitalism and imperialism

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I moved the esperanto keyboard for windows i made to github

it still works the same way, you press AltGr + c g h j s or u to get the esperanto letters ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ or ŭ

but i did remove the other accented letters because i found they tended to get pressed by accident

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Everyone knows how problematic "first" generation european anarchists could be. Proudhon was a disgusting misogynist, Bakunin was a raging anti-semite. Thankfully their gross views (for the most part) never made it into their major works, so they can still be read and taken on board without absorbing any shite.

But nobody talks about the best "first" gen anarchist, the guy that was calling Proudhon and Bakunin out on their bullshit while the cunts were still alive. Joseph DeJacque was a pre-Kropotkinite anarcho-communist, whose economic analysis stood apart from the Mutualism and Collectivism that dominated anarchist circles at the time. The guy referred to P.J. as "Narcissus Proudhon" and called him a "wild boar" for the cunt's misogyny, all the while declaring Mutualism to be a half measure, a stepping stone to what he considered true anarchism: stateless communism.

just watched the newest Alt Right Playbook, and god fucking damn that's a good video. watch the whole series, but especially watch this one.

Enjoy this picture of a white bellbird, the Loudest Bird In The World

the lesson tetris taught me is that errors constantly pile up and accomplishments immediately disappear

One of my favourite mathematicians/physicists in the world is Richard Feynman, not because of the myriad of contributions he made to those fields of study, but because of his excellent technique he developed for learning and teaching - one that helped my mathematics study group progress as a collective, helping each other understand topics better while improving our own understanding at the same time.

It's Feynman's technique that first coined the ELI5 (Explain Like I'm 5) acronym, which is an incredibly useful idea in pedagogy.

This is something I always bare in mind when teaching people about anything. Whether it be mathematics, anarchist philosophy or film theory. If something is worth explaining, it's worth explaining in a way that anybody, regardless of background, can understand. Education should be nothing if not accessible.

i saw this a while ago, and forgot to comment at the time
i don't like stuff like this because lenin was pretty damn conservative and reactionary in many ways, like most famous old revolutionaries, certainly all the ones who lead a state
for example

"Complex Maths" doesn't mean maths you don't understand, it's a form of mathematics that looks at complex functions that make use of imaginary numbers... Which is possibly a form of mathematics you don't understand 😹

What I'm saying is, the distinction is important. Words like "complex" and "abstract" are very specifically defined in mathematics

japan pol, + 

When CEOs tell tall tales about their extreme working hours, know that they're counting lunch, commutes, "personal appointments", and exercise.

Google’s attempt to shut down a unionization meeting just riled up its employees. Management tried to shut down an employee-led talk on unionization at its Zurich office, but it happened anyway.

that hearthstone trophy falling apart in the winner's hands is proof that superstition is real and blizzcon is gonna be a shitshow

“The old socialists were wont to say, ‘You think you are dying for your country, but really you are dying for Capital’. Today their heirs are berated in similar terms: ‘You think you’re fighting for the proletariat, but really you die for your leaders’. ‘You are not building for the future; men and steel are the same thing in the eyes of the Five-Year Plan.’ And yet, what do today’s Young Turks of the Left do after chanting such slogans? They enter the service of a Cause—the ‘best’ of all Causes. The time they have for creative activity they squander handing out leaflets, sticking up posters, demonstrating, or heckling local politicians. They become militants, fetishizing action because others are doing their thinking for them. Sacrifice has an endless succession of tricks up its sleeve.”

"Dogged deference to nonviolent resistance, even when it’s no longer effective, and admonishment of violent resistance, even as a last resort, only serves the oppressor. Reducing a complex and evolving resistance movement into the simplistic categories of either democratic opposition or crazed terrorists, when the reality is far more complicated, only serves the oppressor. Bemoaning all international military intervention as imperialism, even if it is to save a people being eradicated by imperialists, and proclaiming non-intervention as neutrality, even as those being butchered cry out for help, only serves the oppressor. Seeing refugees as a problem population, instead of seeing the tyrants who create them as the problem, only serves the oppressor. Blaming a few bad eggs for acts of police brutality, while exonerating and canonizing the violent institutions that create, protect, and reward those bad eggs, only serves the oppressor."

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