sudo apt install anarchism

I'm not kidding.

There's a package in the Ubuntu repos called 'anarchism', and it's a collection of simple html pages explaining the basics of .

@teslas_moustache yup tho I'd stress the Ubuntu project is led by a corporation and the Debian project has a social contract, constitution, recallable roles etc.

@jackolas Uhh, right. I'm not under a false impression or ~illusion~ that Canonical/Ubuntu are anarchists, and Canonical may or may not make ~allusions~ to the idea that they are.


@teslas_moustache yeah the working relationship has gotten a bit better than it used to be. tho ubnutu totally flubbed the APT vuln advice earlier this year (they didn't tell anyone to actually disable the redirects for the upgrade to fix the vuln redirects lol)

@jackolas I want to use Debian because I agree with it more from a philosophical standpoint, but I also kinda want new stuff sometimes. But I'm on an LTS release of Ubuntu Mate, so maybe my tastes have changed.

@jackolas I also want to Libreboot an old Thinkpad eventually, so maybe I'll save my Debian install for that.

Not gonna fuck with Toshiba anymore.

@teslas_moustache there's a few approaches you can take to get the software you want, from using stable+backports, using testing, and or mixing with apt-pinning.

@teslas_moustache those are sort of in order of complexity and community approval/support

@teslas_moustache @jackolas Much of what Ubuntu use comes from Debian's Testing/Unstable arch. It's just that Debian's definition of "Stable" is very conservative.

Of course, Ubuntu has some other strengths, that Debian doesn't. For example, out-of-box Ubuntu Just Works(TM).

@teslas_moustache why should I? it's just a very outdatet (8 years for my also outdated ubuntu 16.04) version of

@teslas_moustache @kittybecca a bunch of folks even got it printed on t-shirts! At some point the anarchism package was controversial :)

@kittybecca @teslas_moustache it's a Debian thing, Ubuntu people just redistribute it 😄 but of course no obligation to try out either, I just thought you might like to see the graphic

@ehashman @kittybecca yeah, I remember when that came out. I just thought it was funny, like "ah, if only" but nope, it's a thing.

I said it's in the Ubuntu repos because that's what I'm using. I guarantee you if I said it was in the Arch repos ppl wouldn't be pointing this out.

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