Ok last one...for now.
The ever growing green wall! Complete with golden snitch ornaments from a birthday a few years ago! The orchids I had unfortunately died while I was on vacation, one root ball is still attached. (my plant sitter was a bit over their head with the collection, only a few were lost. I hold no ill will.) The pathos is still truckin', it's near impossible to kill. I really should remove the last root ball....

Outside vs Inside
More house plant spam to bring joy to my heart.
Front left, avacado tree with Jade, and winter cactus. Back left, one spiky pineapple. Back right a cute peperomia, and a very damaged and leaning cactus. In the front center is a random "decorative mixed planting" I was given. And right, a beautiful and aromatic bay, also recovering from scale.

Outside vs inside
🍋 my wee lemon tree, currently recovering from scale. And a peek of the umbrella palm leaning in from the left. Scale is the worst. It got in my house over the summer and I've been eradicateing it plant by plant!

My garden is hidden under a heap of polar vortex snow, so I'm gonna spam y'all with my house plants. Here is my kitchen ceiling with a bit of pathos. (And a tiny bit of philodendron)

#sundiy Sourdough Adventures 

So I have rationally deduced that it was either my cold cold kitchen, or my tap water being unfriendly to microbiology that was the reason my bread never worked in the past. Irrationally I 💯% believe that it was a yeast curse stuck in my kitchen. Either way, this is the 3rd week in a row that fresh sourdough is on my table. :blobdab: I'm heccka proud of myself.

Sourdough adventures complete!
It is so delicious, I couldn't be more thrilled! The bread cures is finally lifted!
I've nearly eaten one loaf already. The other (prettier) loaf was gifted to my neighbors. Looks like I'll be waking my starter up sooner then later. :blobaww:

I'm making sourdough! Well, waking up a starter. I took it out of my fridge and fed it last night. The yeasty babies managed to triple in volume, but fell slightly because I slept it. I split the starter on the second feeding (as insurance) and will see if she doubles in six hours! This is so exciting! I've never managed to keep a starter thriveing!

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