My puppers are the cutest puppers, I am prepared to fight anything to defend their honors.

Ho man. We dog sat for a friend a few weeks ago, and tood them to maybe looking to a different kibble, because that dog had the worst farts. They were like "naw man, that's just the dog"
Today our puppy found a busy feeder toy under the couch that had a few of that dogs kibbles still in it... And has had the most god awful stank ass farts all day! Send help.

Pear babies followup 

Fun Fact: puppies don't gain full bladder control until 20 weeks old 

"You already got a greenie. You ate it! It's in your tumbly!" - husband trying to explain to dog.

Food Math 

Also same side who call my mother (I'm 32) to tell her I "never thanked them" for cards or gifts I never received. ??? Don't think I can't smell ya bullshit.

This is the same side of the family who always nag me (publicly) about how I never fly out to visit them... Like, ya gonna buy my ticket or???

At a family thing, my uncle is waxing poetic about stocks. He proclaims with great relish, that if I would have only invested $10,000 in (company) I would now be just shy of $3mill now.

$10,000? I'm lucky if I have $10. Thanks for the good good investment tip pal.

going into debt because of compulsive spending on ridiculous luxuries such as groceries, rent, and doctorsโ€™ bills

Fake-ass suburban blue lives matter cowboys. REAL cowboys hate cops and are also a little gay!!

๐Ÿšจ This just in! ๐Ÿšจ
๐Ÿ‘ Brewing ๐Ÿ‘ Weak ๐Ÿ‘ Coffee ๐Ÿ‘ Is๐Ÿ‘ Workplace ๐Ÿ‘ Terrorism ๐Ÿ‘

Weird how people place so much importance on borders and nationalities, considering theyโ€™re both things which humans arbitrarily made up.

hmm... i seem to be existing in a corporeal form, and i gotta say i am not a fan of that at all

bathing in voltaren gel and popping tizanadine: chronic illness WHO?

Ok last one...for now.
The ever growing green wall! Complete with golden snitch ornaments from a birthday a few years ago! The orchids I had unfortunately died while I was on vacation, one root ball is still attached. (my plant sitter was a bit over their head with the collection, only a few were lost. I hold no ill will.) The pathos is still truckin', it's near impossible to kill. I really should remove the last root ball....

Outside vs Inside
More house plant spam to bring joy to my heart.
Front left, avacado tree with Jade, and winter cactus. Back left, one spiky pineapple. Back right a cute peperomia, and a very damaged and leaning cactus. In the front center is a random "decorative mixed planting" I was given. And right, a beautiful and aromatic bay, also recovering from scale.

Outside vs inside
๐Ÿ‹ my wee lemon tree, currently recovering from scale. And a peek of the umbrella palm leaning in from the left. Scale is the worst. It got in my house over the summer and I've been eradicateing it plant by plant!

My garden is hidden under a heap of polar vortex snow, so I'm gonna spam y'all with my house plants. Here is my kitchen ceiling with a bit of pathos. (And a tiny bit of philodendron)

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