Altar, crucifix 

@rekh127 that's quite beautiful. :blobaww:

@InvaderXan please never stop posting your beautiful green babes! They make me squee like a young'in!

My puppers are the cutest puppers, I am prepared to fight anything to defend their honors.

Ho man. We dog sat for a friend a few weeks ago, and tood them to maybe looking to a different kibble, because that dog had the worst farts. They were like "naw man, that's just the dog"
Today our puppy found a busy feeder toy under the couch that had a few of that dogs kibbles still in it... And has had the most god awful stank ass farts all day! Send help.

@MordecaiPinhas pretty sure he wanted to make a bunch of 9yos onto the philharmonic... My art teacher on the other hand was an angel and a saint, and is probably responsible for half the good choices I've made in my life!

@MordecaiPinhas I stopped after my music teacher told me I didn't have the "right lip shape" and would "never amount to anything". Goodbye flute.

@squeakypancakes same friend. Same. There is there is no prompt for formal or informal, when translating from English to Spanish. :blobfacepalm:

Pear babies followup 

@bedap what beautiful babies!

this beautifully moss-furred log is sitting in part of Carkeek Creek.

call for advice; setting up a garden on a budget (2) 

@adeptomega as far as your specific plantings: I've not tried it personally, but have seen carrtos/turnups do very well in 10 gl buckets, adding some extra sand to your soil will get you straight carrots. Nice for looks, also if you want to stagger your harvest, and pull them one or two at a time.
When you mound up your potatoes, a chicken wire cage filled with leaves can replace a soil mound, and also make harvest 100% easier! The trick is making sure it is evenly watered.
Spinach and Basil are both succulent herbs rather than woody herbs, and need a good deal of soil/water. I would do at least 'half hight' pots on those, and lots of mulch!
Really the hardest part of container gardeing is keeping everyone evenly watered, pots bake off moisture, and can dry in a day in the hight of summer. Most garden plants suffer from drastic fluctuations of moisture, so water often and mulch heavily! If you can keep the pots shaded, even better!

call for advice; setting up a garden on a budget (2) 

@adeptomega I forgot to mention Habit for Humanity's ReStore! If you have one they are great, they do home and garden resale.
A good average for container gardeing depth is a pot at least 1/3 the hight of your plant. Personally I shoot for half the hight, or equal to the hight of the plant, deeper usually yealds a better harvest then wider. Mulching you pots will cut back on water as well!
Something I'm going to try this summer is cutting the bottoms off pots and partly burieing them to make a "micro bed" I'm doing this for climbing beans I'm growing on our fence, they need lots for root space, and I do want them mowed down! Maybe this would help in your yard?

For the average fence, just moving your plants 1 foot away can make a big difference in the amount of light the plant receives. Same for the house.

Fun Fact: puppies don't gain full bladder control until 20 weeks old 

And if you have a 12 week old puppy, chances are good that at least once he will /leak/ all over your feet. In the middle of the night. While you are carrying him outside. Causing you to hobble to the bathroom with a dog in one hand, washing you foot with the other hand, because if you set him down it will be more then a /leak/.
joy of house training

On Veganism 

@deme @shaunbartone makes sense, thanks for satisfing my random curiosity! Ps I love figs!

Vegans—Eat Figs! 

@deme @shaunbartone Is it vegan if a fig wasp is in there? The fig wasp gets broken down by the fig so there is no way to tell if a fig has a wasp. We eat female figs so you wouldn't get one filled with baby wasps as they only lay eggs in the male figs, but if a wasp gets in to a female fig it is trapped and dies anyway.
(Not vegan, just curious, not trolling)

call for advice; setting up a garden on a budget (2) 

@adeptomega if you could share a bit more about where you are planting, i.e. in the soil or containers, your location (urban/ suburban/ rual) I'd be happy to help with more specific advice. 👩‍🌾

call for advice; setting up a garden on a budget (2) 

@adeptomega Craigslist free section is full of soil/mulch/wood if you can access a vehicle to pick it up.
Definitely check if there is a garden club/non profit in your area, where I live there is one that will come and put in a raised veggie bed for free!
Check your area for seed swaps, great way to get different stuff, even if you have nothing to trade, helping out will usually yeald free seeds.
Always keep an eye out for containers on trash day, I grow in huge plastic tubs, old sinks, and trashcans I got dumster diving.
During the summer Home Depot has a pot recycling program, were people bring back the pots their plans came in. The cashiers (generally) don't care if you take their trash.
You can start seeds in TP tubes, just fold in the bottom to hold the dirt in.
If you live near woods/ farms leaves and rotten hay are free and make excellent mulch.
A bunch of produce can also be regrown (carrot tops)

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