what is it with conservative news sources making the things they oppose sound insanley attractive and cool.

why yes, i do wish to join in the the psychedelic rave nature cult to save the earth

@solarbear the "confessing sins" and "purified teen saints" stuff is uhh. not pagan

@solarbear I know you know this, and I know the federalist knows this, and I know it's pointless to accuse disingenuous people of being disingenuous, but sometimes I just gotta type this shit out

@aeonofdiscord @solarbear

sometimes other people need to hear it, for what that's worth <3

thank you

@aeonofdiscord @solarbear

(hopefully soon the Onion will have an article about how leader worship is nothing more than rebranded daddy issues)

@aeonofdiscord i can imagine a case for "purified teen saints" (cf. vestal virgins, etc. maybe?, some possible interpretations of the rite of moloch) but i can't think of any pre-christian precedent for the confessional referred to here that would be recognizable as such

@solarbear no clue what "confessing sins in pagan animism" could even mean

@solarbear when i was a kid, i read in a conservative Catholic newspaper that homosexually was so rampant in rural Kansas that teens were only allowed in school bathrooms one at a time.

I desperately wished i lived in rural Kansas. Instead of 80km south of San Francisco. 🙄

@solarbear im sorry where are the hallucinogens in the climate movement?

@solarbear yeah I mean sure if changing our religious hegemony is likely to result in behaviours that save the planet then I guess that's cool

cw for my timeline; conservative news sources, drugs, climate things 

re: cw for my timeline; conservative news sources, drugs, climate things 

@pea @solarbear
I was going to do a "Take my money" meme, but here's a "Had snu snu" tagged "Climate Worship" instead 😂😂😂

@solarbear Whoever wrote this should get a job cheering leftists up, that's beautiful.


Wow, that does sound like a romp. I worship Saint Greta! Gladly!

@solarbear holy shit, the full article is fucking wild and ends with a claim that we've failed Emperor Constantine and the "barbarians" are at the gates again. :blobjoy:

@solarbear remember, kids, twerking brought down the Roman empire! :blobjoy:

@ALWETP @solarbear

Kinda wondering why "conservatives" are claiming that the left is exploiting "the need for subservience." I don't think that means what they think it means...

Climate disaster; bad reporting; junk science 

@solarbear They make THAT CHILD do SEXUALIZED dances, can't you see? She's in the thumbnail for the article, this MUST be it!

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