Overcoming Burnout

This book is about overcoming burnout, linking the author’s journey of recovery with wider systemic forces such as classism, sexism and power dynamics in groups, poverty, chronic illness and ableism, as well as grief and trauma from prison and state repression. It is a call for models of mutual aid and collective care.

Hey everyone! My friend has two new books out in paperback and ebook.

Will post blurbs below. I'm reading them both and I'm blown away!



The Prisoner’s Herbal

This is a herbal medicine book written by an ex-prisoner for people in prison who want to learn about the medicinal properties of plants commonly found in prison courtyards. It contains ten detailed plant profiles, as well as instructions on how to prepare plant medicines in prison. There is also a section on wound care and how to connect with plant allies.

Good thing bad thing, mental health and poverty 

Bf is going to his first job interview in months.
Pleading right now to the universe that he gets it.

Also, I need a nice #pixelfed instance, preferably leftist and LGBT friendly. Any recommendation?

With it being carved all the way round it could be hard to take the weight so this may be better. Short interconnecting lines and even deep spirals keep the weakness localised, leaving enough for support, but it's hard to carve a lot of... And this is a LOT of pumpkin

The venlafaxine diaries 

Mental health 

The venlafaxine diaries 

The venlafaxine diaries 

for halloween i'm going as a neurotypical person

ooOOOOoooh i'm going to imply something important and get upset when you didn't understand the subtext instead of just telling yooouuuu! ooOOOoOOooh you should spend more time outside your comfort zoooone! ooOOOOooooh you just need to stay pooositiiive

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