sooo, after a lot of internal debate ive decided to slim down the number of accounts i have, which means this ones up for the chopping block. at this point i only really use it for posting links to my blog, which i don't feel is in the spirit of this instance.
still, you can find my over at my main account of @bootblackCub

It's #folkloreThursday
So let's talk about the Babylonian myth of Ashuhunamir, the first nonbinary person.

After the goddess Ishtar got herself trapped in the underworld, the gods created Ashunamir, a being who was neither man not woman, to seduce Erishkigal, the Queen of the underworld, and free Ishtar.

They succeeded in their quest, but for thier troubles Erishkigal cursed them and all those like them to always be viewed with suspicion in human society, but Ishtar, to counter this, blessed them and those like them with wisdom, prophecy, healing and that they would always be held sacred to Ishtar.

#nb #nonbinary #mythology #pagan

Thinking about planting pumpkins in the local park this year


The Wulver is a wearwolf like creature from Scotland. It was said to have the body of a man and the head of a wolf.
Unlike werewolves it was reportedly quite a caring creature and would leave fresh fish on the window ledge of poor people to ensure they had enough to eat.

So looks like my local rail franchise may be nationalised by default because they are so bad at running it that they literally can't make money off a gifted monopoly.

At Himbo Acres, we may not be the best anarchist commune, but we’re definitely the sluttiest

“Most people know about fight, flight, and freeze — but another trauma response, “fawn,” is at the core of what people-pleasing is actually about.

To avoid conflict, negative emotions, and re-traumatization, people who “fawn” when triggered will go out of their way to mirror someone’s opinions and appease them in order to deescalate situations or potential issues.”

Reminder that just because you're on The Left(TM), doesn't mean you can't be a huge fucking arsehole.

#newYearResolution: be less outraged.

Not as in "ignore all the terrible shit that's going down", but to get myself into a position where I'm comfortable that I'm doing the best I can, sustainably and effectively.

I want my rage to help me focus and spur me on, not to depress or overwhelm.

And I wish the same for you, because there's a lot to do 🖤

One software freedom that Stallman does not mention is the freedom *not* to use the program because you dislike or don't want it for some reason

Free software tends to be flexible, have clear boundaries, split responsibilities, and replaceable components, thanks in part to openly defined protocols and formats

Proprietary software tends to want to lock you in into their freaking ecosystem, and even if they adopt an open standard, it's a part of an E-E-E strategy

hey cuties, congratulations on surviving another year! here's to many more!

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