So with samhain coming up I've been thinking a lot about what to focus on for my practice.

So got the Halloween decorations out. As we live in a small apartment it's really only a few pumpkin and ghost tealight holders, but I do love having them about the place

What the fuck is a cryptozoologist? There's no animal that cares about Bitcoin. Show me a giraffe that gives a shit who Satoshi is and I'll show you a lie.

just ran into a friend on the tube home. I really treasure meetings like that

Well that was scary. Just got a text from my sexual health clinic telling me I needed to speak to a nurse.
No further information.

Turns out just to remind me I'm due blood tests soon. Why could the text not of just said that! 😒😒😒😒

pumpkins are generally nontoxic for animals, and are large, hollow and round which makes them fun to play with and knock around, stomp on, then eat. They can even be filled with treats!

Checking in with people you care about can only do so much if there is inadequate healthcare available when they say, “honestly, I’m really not okay.”


(verb) the way nature and/or the weather begins to feel like autumn.

love this word, right up there with petricore, Waldeinsamkeit and Weltschmerz

Like, I love London, but my god is it a hard city to exist in. The vastness means getting to see people takes a serious time investment that is made harder by the amount of work you need to do to afford tiny living spaces

So after a brilliant weekend I was wondering about taking a big step and moving from London to Manchester.
Housing costs are way easier to deal with, and people seem to have more time

Love that CWs can be used as spoiler warnings! Now that I care about Doctor Who again, it's still pretty safe to log on here.

Or maybe go with all the messaging apps Google abandoned

So idea for a Halloween lawn display:

Setting up a fake graveyard with all the names on the tombstone being all the #Ubuntu projects canonical gave up on.
Ubuntu phone, Ubuntu one cloud, unity, Ubuntu music, mir ect

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OK, I'm ready.

Binge listening to the last part of Alice isn't dead.

October is here and the fae have been setting their traps near my house...

it's nearly October, and I've already seen one person correct someone for calling pumpkin a vegetable (botanically, it's a fruit).

Please do not act like you don't understand culinary definitions differ from botanical ones.

That makes you a pedantic asshole.


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