so my partner is going for a job interview tomorrow. its an easy part time job that wouldn't stress his mental health.
Really hoping he gets it.
any good vibes our way would be appreciated.

great video on the aesthetics of haunted houses.

Mental health 

Seriously uk peeps. If you have not registered to vote, you got an hour and a half left to do it.

UK pol, 2019 Labour Manifesto, Green Industrial Revolution 

I believe I have successfully updated Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for the Mastodon crowd. I am submitting this paper to Psychological Bulletin

I have a Pinterest board called 'Witch Houses' where I collect pictures of remote cottages such that a witch (me, ideally) might live in.

I'm charging my hearing aid charger with a solar powered power bank to keep my hearing #offgrid and #solarpunk

I think trying to figure someone out is useful and good in so far as to be able to accomodate them and their needs but that doesn't detract or negate the sentiment

"X group is valid"
- relies on affirmation from others
- the bare minimum
- overused

"X group is powerful"
- shows respect and possibly awe
- acknowledges strength of going against the cis/het/white/patriarchy/colonial standard.
- uplifting

#Breaking: Massive Hack Strikes Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust
A blast of sunshine has hit a secretive banking network used by global ultra-wealthy figures following a massive hack by #Hacktivist “Phineas Fisher“ ...

restorative justice 

Mental illness 

The more I think about it the better Labour nationalising broadband seems. Combined with a digital rights charter it's a good step towards making internet infrastructure democratically controlled like it goddamn well should be.

I would like to wear this and be the end boss in your video game.

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