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Solarpunk Druid

Cultural myths summarised:

Greek- zuse fucks someone, hera gets pissed

Norse- loki fucks up, fixes it.

Irish- theft of magical cow causes shit

Welsh-briton - not sleeping with the fairy lords wife is the win condition. Also, cauldrons are awsome.

Scotland - the ocean and lakes are full of terrifying shit. Also don't piss of hags.

Babelonian- gilgamesh is awsome, ishtar is awesome-er

BRB, just processing a profound self realisation

Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

This is my first post with mastodon auto share

solarbear - So I'm going to try and do a blog, I don't plan on updating with any regularity, as I don't want that pressure. But I hope to have fun with it and post as I feel would be fun to.


If I could give one piece of advice to new Mastodon people it would be, Be Considerate. We care about each other a little more over here. Embrace the culture of empathy.

New here on the #Fediverse‽ Bored today? Go check out the inspiring people posting #art on your server or others to follow & fill your timeline w 😍!
#Knitting #Crochet #Sewing
#SkyWriting 🤔 we got any of pilots yet? 🤣
There are many more! Enjoy & welcome! :mastohi: :frida_y_animalitos: :bob_ross: :mona_kiss:

I hope this new milk substitute is still plant based...

Lovely to see @Tusky working normally even at a 20KB/s connection.

RT Today at #DnD club, three 13-yr-olds defeated the monster by asking him how he was feeling, and then sitting him down to a group therapy session. They were on about 3hp each, out of spell slots and healing potions, and they beat the monster with the Power of Empathy.


While Zuck offers a feed to look on, Mastodon offers a feed that looks after you.


You guys are the best.


All my friends are here, and I have control over how much angst I see on a given day

The people are lovely, I'm on a great instance, it's not about US politics 99% of the time, and it feels like we're reclaiming the Internet