Honestly, I think the toppling crown might be my favorite anarchist symbol, even though it's so so rarely used

It's just so packed with symbolism that the black flag and Ⓐ don't really have, while being just as simple. It's elegant. We should use it more

@socalledunitedstates there's this :toppled_crown: but if you want a transparant background it'll have to be in a colour, as black, white and greys clash with UIs

@puffinus_puffinus That's not loading but I definitely don't want it in a box. I'm about to go to work but I guess if you need me to I can fix it for you when I get home

@socalledunitedstates sorry was just adding it, try now

if you don't like that, i'll change it now

@puffinus_puffinus Gold works, thanks! Sorry, it's just that emoji in solid boxes like that are the ugliest thing in the world lmao

@socalledunitedstates Ok cool :) I might change some other emojis I did this too then

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