Extinction is Inevitable 

Content warning: I'm about to say something that is counter to everything that climate activists have stood for up till now:

Extinction is inevitable.

Every species becomes extinct sooner or later.

In the geological period known variously as the Anthropocene/Capitalocene, extinction is sooner.

The human species will become extinct. There is no avoiding this ultimate reality.

And there is the very real possibility that the human species will be the cause of its own extinction.

There is no way to avoid extinction. It's just a matter of how soon do you want to go?

Extinction is Inevitable 

Hopefully humanity lasts just long enough to create AGI and our own replacement.

Extinction is Inevitable 

@shaunbartone Yeah I'd like to see extant forks in future. Or you could you know be a ginko or a horsetail or shark or something and be the same for millions of years but humans are a touch too obnoxious to have rested in a stable form already.

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