I've been saying this for years, though the figures about the scale of dessication practices was new to me, I thought it was just wheat but nope. What's missing I would like to hear is what the crop cultivation looked like before this became the paradigm, the article doesn't really have specific practices to combat the industrial and farmer assertion that this is the only viable practice, which is necessarily historically false.

"Herbicide Is What’s for Dinner"

The phrase "injunctive relief" is rattling through my brain now. For a big newspaper, I appreciate the broadness of scope of remedial action envisioned by the author. The causal list is long but I would have also appreciated mention of the nationwide buyout and removal of city trolley systems by fuel/auto complex.

"Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives."


This is the sound of rhubarb growing in the dark. And someone really needs to take some sound samples to make a percussion track from it.

"Forced rhubarb" is a technique for growing fresh rhubarb in the Winter, while keeping it in pitch dark conditions. Done correctly, the plants grow super fast. Fast enough that you can hear it popping and creaking as it grows!

Anarchist philosophy and definition, request for guidance 

FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)

I love the obvious skill and artistic talent that went into this. Beautiful.


Internet protip:

You can paste paywalled articles into this website to get to the text and get it in a way that's pleasant to read, accessible, and easy to share:


Example Washington Post article:

Compare to the paywalled Washington Post direct link (cw: us politics):

Levi's clothing to mainline a cotton-hemp blend because of advances in fiber processing, expects to have 100% cottonized-hemp garments in five years. I really hope that knowledge isn't hoarded because hemp's implications for land use, carbon, sequestration and other environmental inputs and outputs make it quite important.


Your cranky weekly reminder to back up your goddamn computer. Your friendly tech support worker will thank you someday. || Ĉi tiu estas via grumbla semajna rememorigo sekurkopii vian damnan komputilon. Via amikema teknikanto dankos vin iutage.

gun hottake 

gun hottake shitpost 

Apparently in the 1920s, the Chicago police described Lucy Parsons and her husband as "more dangerous than a thousand rioters." I want to be in a relationship like that, except it's a polycule stretching the globe. :polyamory: :anarchism:

An article in The Atlantic re success with plant essential oils in ag and medical praxis and research as replacement/supplement to antibiotics, reminds me of recurring conversation on a local Skeptic's group on Facepalm before i quit. 1. meme: LOL look at the sad woo hippies and their mystic oils, how unscientific and fake. 2. me: actually it fucking works, here's a chemical/physical mechanism, here's research. 3. Skeptic: Fake cuz your study size is below that of Merck Pfizer research proportions, FDA is Arbiter of Truth, Hail Science! 4. Me: capitalism creates regulatory capture and underfunds public research especially when no fresh patent is involved, your appeals to market force and to authority are underwhelming bad skeptic bad, and you are inherently forbidding proles to tend to their own wellbeing. 5. Skeptic: you're a paid essential oil shill. 6. Me: I in fact used to work at a natural market, I like not being evil you Petro-fascist.


Late (it was more of a because I had the day off--anyway), posting in a hurry between storms. Too-small pockets in jeans are canceled.

(Ok, went a little too ham with the first one, but I learn. Slowly.)

I got a 10 ft charger cord for my phone and this is the height of luxury

I will take a cutie on a date through a food forest where we pick our lunch while taking a walk at some point in my life

This isn't a prediction, it's an ultimatum

So some researchers have figured out how to make a wonder material out of wood that cools buildings and is almost as strong as steel, and bounces off infrared that our atmosphere doesn't absorb so it even works at fucking NIGHT...

But our nightmare world means that they're now going to try and patent it and commercialize it instead of the public having access to make this stuff and maybe save the planet.


Your cranky completely random reminder to back up your important files regardless of where you keep them. 'It's on an external drive, not the computer' doesn't mean it's immune to failure, damage, or loss.

you don't need to back up everything ever but if losing it would be Bad, back it up.



Transportation safety praxis question🚴‍♂️

I advocate bicyclists occupy the whole lane. Gets safe distance passing from motor vehicles instead of "lemme just squeeze by", less debris, is where other vehicles look for movement, has line of sight for all traffic forward and back, includes you in the queue order for stops and turns. Safer.

The pool noodle thing seems helpful, but I also find it frustrating?

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i have a mighty need for country music about having to pirate your tractor's software

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