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Anywhere that gives you freedom to assemble, but requires that you get permits from the state you're assembling against, does not actually give you freedom to assemble

Abolish private property and you can carry all the seditious material you want

#TheExpanse whole series, five books or something, autistic Amos headcanon 

@SallyStrange Every time there is even a slight implication of Amos being unhappy I want to ATTACK MY SCREEN

I adore him in the books I've read so far and I feel like on the show they did a great job pushing the autism implications. In the books, he wonders if he's afraid, wonders how he'd know. ALEXITHYMIA MOOD. And I felt so affirmed and validated by book!Alex missing the specific traits about Amos that he did. Having autistic friends IS RELAXING, THANK YOU ALEX KAMAL FOR UNDERSTANDING


When Alex is yelling at him, "Is this your messed up way of apologizing?!" Amos doesn't even answer the direct question; he cuts to the problem. "Was it messed up?" Just totally sincerely for real genuinely asking because Alex will know.

"it's anecdotal therefore it doesn't count" is a really convenient way to shut people down on issues that data is conspicuously not collected on

sense8 was never cancelled, it just became the fediverse

The hardest lesson to learn from being a fairly nerdy teenager was to decouple media consumption from my personality.

@solarpunkgnome @pagrus @InvaderXan @polychrome @garbados Oh goodness, I would love to know where you found that! I've tried making hand-shapes at the cuttlefish at the New England Aquarium, but only once or twice did they seem to respond...

I suspect my hands need to have chromatophores for it to really work. Special gloves? :-D

@InvaderXan @pagrus @garbados I remember reading that they were generally disinterested in video playbacks until they were arranged a high-fps footage and display because they can see at a much higher fps than we do, so our usual stuff looks like a high speed gallery show instead of anything resembling movement.

I wanna plant tomatoes again, despite having killed them like 5 years in a row. This is my curse

If you want to support our troops you can find out how to write to Chelsea or donate to her rent/legal fund at

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