*pokes my head out* why dont come in, have some tea and meet the missus!

@Lucretius no, but one of the jobs I put in for is circulating petitions to get it on the ballot. Lol

Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here: librivox.org/

Bf jobhunting 

feature request: ability to set a TTL (time to live) on toots.

Sometimes I share useful resources and such and I'd like those to survive basically forever, but other times I'll share selfies or feelings stuff, and it feels weird having those persist for more than a few days.

Friend came over for dinner and brought us some bulbs. I've got crocus, tulips and something called fritillaria. Also some mixed flower seeds

Check out this hybrid of Brussels sprouts and kale. Instead of the lil heads of cabbage, the stem grows little heads of kale

My graffiti would say "just doing my part to keep area housing affordable"

Cut grass, removed dead plants from the flower beds, trimmed back ornamental grass, piled up leaves and trimmings into compost

Kiddos bit that he does is he says the names of sequels and adds "The Reckoning." It's a pretty good bit.

"Kirby's Dream Land 2: The Reckoning"

People demand that poor folk buy things in bulk and subsist off of only the worst quality foods available from supermarkets, making us sick and extracting joy from our lives.

Social democracy is just boneless communism

Gon a have some tea and do some yard work. Take advantage of the sun

I think I'm gonna have to begin a second compost heap

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