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Stop calling the Trump supporters who ransacked the capitol building "protestors" and call them what they are: a mob of fascists.

Stop saying that these people "stormed" the building and remind people that the cops let them in.

Stop letting white supremacists set the narrative by legitimizing their language and use language that reflects the reality of the situation, Trump and his base just attempted a coup.

A selection of places I've cleared ivy from
I think I've cleared 8 patches of ivy so far. Some of them just half an ikea bag and others took multiple trips.
You can still see some of the ivy leaves in the pictures. Ivy stays green for a really long time. Which does make it hard to identify new growth from bits that i missed.
There's still plenty of woods left to find ivy in. So itll keep me busy for a while.

I made some pins from vintage maps! And they look really cool!

Übrigens: Die Liste von auf verzeichnet über 3.000 Sorten der Kartoffel mit über 3.100 Namen und mehr als 290 Bildern:

"Sie erhebt dabei keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit."

(picture CC-BY Luisa Sirpa)

Programmers need a NaNoWriMo equivalent. But also do NaNoWriMo, writing is good for you.

@bgcarlisle I'm just saying we should stop things from happening until we find out what the heck is going on

@bgcarlisle Putting a stop on new things happening pending formal review of the accumulated backlog of happened things

Let's all agree that nothing should ever happen anymore

I think we've all had far too many Things happening lately

Tonight's Halloween viewing is the classic Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes, with a mug of hot chocolate, to fend of the autumn chill in the air. 🎃 🍂

Just emptied the mail box full of campaign flyers. A little late, ballots where returned the day they arrived a week ago.

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do not understand leftist youtubers who livestream themselves watching the debate. go repot a plant or something

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