The process of Wasabi begging my roommate for cream:

1. The watchful gaze
2. The expectant pose (note 1 slightly raised front paw)
3. She gets a drop of cream
4. Quiet betrayal as she realizes there won't be any more

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Feeling a little lonely as my love is in Australia at the moment. Luckily @FreyaKitteh is doing a good job keeping me company, and looking ever so cute in the process.

Blixa and Mick are starting to get pretty big now. Here's Blixa chilling out at the top of our stairs, and Mick having a sleep on my lap.

#mastocats #cats

Here's a picture of Mendi! This is the feral kitten my brother captured.
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#Gato #ねこ

I'll keep you posted with as much as I know about Mendelssohn, here.

If you have an idea how old this critter might be, tell me. God, it's the tinniest little thing.

Create Account : CHECK
First Toot : CHECK
Enough work for today ! Good night Fellaines !
#cats #india

Cat studies from last night. I particularly like my little Manx boy curled up in a ball in the corner. #cats #art

Best thing in winter: you can look at cats sleeping cozily on radiators.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon

Yesterday's sketches! Kitty sleeping on the couch + random doodles + #FFXIV guy studies. #art #cats

He climbed up there 45 minutes ago and now I’m trapped. #cats

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