Got so tired of the usual social media nonsense that I logged out of FB and :birdsite: at the same time. :P

First day of new job. Big Wordpress site that needs a lot of work. They where happy to let me take a freshly nuked and paved laptop and set it up as a Linux developer workstation so I will be able to work remotely too.

Imo, the Bloomberg campaign should be referred to as a merger. That's what it is

@interneteh there’s also that awful idea, especially here, that if bad things happen to you it’s because you’re a bad person, because of all the prosperity gospel nonsense we’re inundated with, so being unhoused is seen as a deserved punishment or a personal choice by hard-hearted people who would absolutely be in the same place if one major thing went wrong in their lives

@interneteh I think that's also the big reason capitalism likes having people homeless. Remember that this could be you they say as you commute to the job you hate.

So the bathroom is an entire room dedicated to remaining clean.
I propose we rename it the hygienery.

My brain: what if Grindr but on fediverse.

Me: how about NO.

A bit on the blunt side as far as pruning goes, but having my make fruit that it drops over the fence into the neighbors yard will be stopped by my sawing off the end of several branches. I had to thin so much of that fruit anyway, I don't mind that part of the tree will produce less while it recovers and grows some new spurs.

On February 19, 1942, FDR signed Executive Order 9066, which forced over 120,000 US citizens of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps, where they stayed until 1946.

The Japanese-American community observes today as a

Here is late winter . They corms are starting to wind down after a winter of up-taking nutrients. I expect it to take to the end of March for all of the saffron leaves to die-back.

abolish landowners 

They're just a few little tweaks away from sending their anger in the right direction. If they could just see the forces making them anxious are the exact ones that forced these people into the street.

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I think a lot of people who have a home (rent, own, whatever) are aware on some level they're only a few weeks of really bad news away from losing their shelter. Their anti-homeless attitudes spring from unsheltered people being a physical reminder of this reality. It's misplaced anger—a fear of losing what separates you from them

There's also people who just don't even acknowledge the unhoused as real people and want to do them harm simply because they're an easy target with little legal recourse or protection.

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