Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Take me down to the Fediverse City
Where the posts are nice
And girls are pretty

Oh, won't you please take me home...

Your cranky weekly reminder to back up your goddamn computer. Your friendly tech support worker will thank you someday. || ฤˆi tiu estas via grumbla semajna rememorigo sekurkopii vian damnan komputilon. Via amikema teknikanto dankos vin iutage.

I can't recommend wildflower seeds enough, really. Just a year after planting, I've got all kinds of flowers and they just keep coming

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#ClimateChange Is the #Symptom. #ConsumerCulture Is the #Disease.

A new report makes clear where much of the blame lies for our warming planet.
...And this individual action must occur collectively. Put more bluntly, it will require personal sacrifice from our entire society. We will have to #FlyLess, #DriveLess, #UberLess. We will have to #EatLess red meat, #DrinkLess dairy, #WasteLess food, and generally #BuyLess crap that we donโ€™t need.


We are over at Bata's house this morning, so here is a picture of Bata being Bata.


When you have a WTF moment when "ifconfig" doesn't work because it's not installed.

A wee search later and you're reminded to use "ip addr" instead. Doh.

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