The housing crisis is a human-made problem. There was a will and an incentive to spend $1.6 billion building these fucking mansions, but when they found out "the money was bad" "something happened to the money" they decided to let the whole development rot.

Capitalism is the most efficient system.


Lots of food pictures lately, but I've had plenty of things I've wanted to make. Vegetarian (and I think also vegan?) gyoza, half with tofu and half with mushrooms. Made too much even after putting half of the filling in the fridge for tomorrow (or maybe the day after 😅)

2GB of disk space? I would have killed for that as a kid.

Oh, also: Norton Commander 5.51, the last release that ever came out for DOS (1998).

The memories.

@fribbledom Download? Maybe no, but at the same time, there can be different degrees of seamlessness between your own knowledge and the combined knowledge of humanity.

Right now this is represented by the ability to go to #wikipedia at any time, limited only by your understanding of the knowledge map, of basic principles common to all science, and reading speed.

In the future, the seam will only be thinner.


Starting some plants and herbs indoors
These are beans i got from the local buy nothing group!

Spring is coming and we are running our campaign :

We send out starter kits with different varieties of to help you create a beautiful this year while openly connecting with each other across gardens and borders.

Order your seeds now, tell us about your garden, join our community and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

Did I tell you all I'm working on a Lunarpunk story? I was writing it for a contest but... It's growing in length and needs heavily edited so I might turn it into a novella at some point.

I love how the weaknesses of capitalism are wildly on display every time a crisis happens but everyone chooses to ignore them.

Best / worst IT related quote: What developers call technical debt corporate calls an "investment"

Some new leaves on our blackberry starts for my update today :_earth: :_earth: :_gaysparkle: So far so good on the not-getting-crunched-by-dogs front.

A most unexpected guest has been overwintering in my indoor light garden. I ripped out the overgrown vines he was living in so he is now back outside, weather is mild so should adjust fine. Nice to see that the Pacific tree frog population is healthy in my neighborhood.

> Software architecture probably matters more than anything else. A shitty implementation of a good abstraction causes no net harm to the code base. A bad abstraction or missing layer causes everything to rot.

This feels very true.

More perspective?

The global energy consumption in 2017 was 22.3 terawatt hours.

If we moved all financial transactions over to Bitcoin, we'd require over 1000 terawatt hours... each day(!) for Bitcoin transactions alone(!).

That doesn't even factor in that Bitcoin's energy consumption will be exponential to the amount of transactions.

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