This is – we're making a recipe to set up a community server provider, and cooking up our own dog-food by offering Virtual Private Server space.

We'll be starting out on donated hardware, powered by renewable energy, in Ashton-under-Lyme in the UK.

We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign shortly to make sure costs are covered for the first year – follow us on here, join our Matrix space!bDeUsKuqTQwBjBEAu , or look out for details of our upcoming e-mail list.

(PS thanks to for hosting us on here)

@serverscoop " is an algorithm for co-operation: a technical, governance, and cost-sharing stack which radically reduces the cost and complexity of setting up a server hosting provider."

So is aimed at those setting up a server hosting provider rather than those setting up a server?


@underlap both!

If you're setting up a server hosting provider, you could use the tech or organisational recipes (or both!) to give you a head-start, and get help from the community.

If you're setting up a server, you can get ethical hosting:
1. Right now, from the coalition members Mediablaze¹ and Cyberia²
2. Very soon: from the upcoming Beta, hosted on donated hardware in Ashton-under-Lyne
3. Medium-term: from any one of a network of collectives.

– 3wc

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