thanks again to @mirsal for patiently sprinkling their network wisdom on us, and solving the last issue holding up our internal instance.

expect to see some exciting software progress soon, now that we have a solid test environment.


more mArKEt ResEaRCh 

A Crowd-funder Approaches!

We'll be launching a campaign soon, via , to make sure we can cover costs to get our VPS hosting going.

If you'd be interested in contributing to this fundraising drive, would you potentially want:

"market research" i guess 

For 's own VPS hosting, running on donated hardware in Ashton, we're shooting for "ethical and cheap". What do you think of this pricing?

Micro - 0.5GB RAM, 1 CPU - £5/month

Tiny - 1GB RAM, 1 CPU - £7.50/month

Small - 2GB RAM, 2 CPU - £16.50/month

Medium - 4GB RAM, 3 CPU - £35/month

Large - 8GB RAM, 4 CPU - £75/month

(we're considering allocating 25GB disk to all servers to start with, storage pricing beyond that to be decided)


amazing meeting today – thanks again to the community members and the other coalition folks who joined.

6 people in 5 countries 🤯 The Servers Dot Coop International 💪

we're going to speak again next week to try and finalise (and maybe launch? 🤞) our crowdfunder. Stay tuned!


tech update

We've got another temporary rented dedicated server to use for development and testing, to be able to keep our service more stable. This should speed up our hacking (thanks again to Animorph Co-op for the development help!) on Capsul-Flask, and our other tech infrastructure.

We're looking to move everything to our own hardware, as soon as it's set up, but it's interesting doing this safari of commercial hosting providers in the mean-time.

– 3wc

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a bit about the tech stack

Our current plan is to use Cyberia's capsul-flask, which is a web interface for the well-tested libvirtd / KVM stack

capsul-flask is simple enough for humans to hack on, and handles the whole process from "user buying hosting credits" to "self-managing virtual servers". It's been powering for a while, and also our own pre-alpha service on

We also looked into OpenNebula, which has a lot more features, but there's a big gap where a payments / billing system needs to be.

What tech would you like to see in the platform? Do you have experience running virtual servers for your community which you'd like to share? Reply here, send us a DM, or join our -tech Matrix channel 🤙

This is – we're making a recipe to set up a community server provider, and cooking up our own dog-food by offering Virtual Private Server space.

We'll be starting out on donated hardware, powered by renewable energy, in Ashton-under-Lyme in the UK.

We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign shortly to make sure costs are covered for the first year – follow us on here, join our Matrix space!bDeUsKuqTQwBjBEAu , or look out for details of our upcoming e-mail list.

(PS thanks to for hosting us on here)

@handle just gave an amazing talk about the work going on for Servers Co-op ( at the CoTech gathering ( 🚀 Here are the slides if you want to take a look

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.