Look at what I found on the side of the road! A genuine Camp Trails external frame backpack!


While bored at work today, I made a really nice stick. Roughly 60 inches White Poplar. Nice. Light. Bends ever so slightly when you lean on it, but doesn't give. At least, not yet.

Hiking, Foraging 

Had a wonderful time wandering the side of Chateemanwi yesterday. Even got a big ol' plate of lobster claw mushrooms!

CRAFTS! EC Pics of me wearing a backpack frame I made myself! 

We did it fam. May I present the Champoeg Trekker Mark I. The frame is all wood joinery. Kelty Hip Belt and Straps are fastened to the frame using metal screws. It weighs in at 6 pounds and should be able to carry my duffle, and a cooler this weekend for camping!


Ran into major frustration with my backpack frame. Had to take out a lot of material to attempt to get the straps to fit. Still don't fit in the end. Maths didn't quite check out. Beat to fit isn't working. Guess I'm moving on to plan C.

Crafts! Nearing Completion! Excitement 

The frame is now all finished up and glued together! Now I must have in myself and my math. Hopefully when I attach the straps it'll become the beautiful backpack I dreamed of.


Backpack is coming along smoothly. Made a rookie mistake and am going to wait until after Labor Day to fix.


🎶 Making an external frame backpack 🎵 Do do doooo ✨

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