So the last I heard there was a Call to Action to help Admin the Instance. I also notice that a lot of peeps I used to follow/read about haven't been posting much. I hope people are reaching out for help if they need it.

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How has Sunbeam City been doing? I fell off the face of the Earth during Covid. Been to protests in my home city of Portland, Oregon. Been on Twitter more because of News™️.

2020 has been so bad that I've resorted to listening to entire videos of people laughing while at work.

White People really out here loving Quarantine Orders because now they don't have to think too hard to come up with an excuse to be horrible to houseless folk.

Nothing like a good plague to get people outside amirite?

i reflexively say “comrade” and i got the worst look from a colleague about it the other day

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I'm an Anarchist, baybee. Asking me not to apply Theory is like asking a cloud not to rain. I'm gonna do it eventually.

anarchists: no more presidents
america: *descends into monarchy*
anarchists: no not like that

How to know if you're are a Neoliberal or talking to a Neoliberal:
>*Explain how doing something would benefit society*
<*Sounds cool, how do we do that but not for everyone?*


My plan is simple: replace all cops and lawyers with Social Workers.

There are certain players who will entrench the position of management and subvert the change we wish to make. Get a feel for who to talk to.

Do not bring up the Union yet. We need to generate ground swell and common action before we get this bus on the highway!

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The Culture of Syndicate has been souring for months. As we have progressed little support has been given to those who need it. A Cutthroat Culture has been growing where people are used up and replaced. A rigid framework has been forged, if you do not conform to the demands of management you risk burnout or replacement.

To resist this we are creating a Union. This Goon Union's Mission is to look after each other and to act as a unit when bargaining with the Officers of Syndicate.

The Union is a series of Programs. If you desire to join a program please React on the Job Board and post in the relevant Discord Tab.

Remember that this project will take time to come to fruition. Culture is something that changes slowly, but reverts quickly. Our time counts and we need to make sure it is invested in areas that benefit everyone with priority to the disadvantaged.

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People have been burning out and being replaced. Management pits both raid teams against each other for spots in "the progression" raid. People get replaced for doing poorly without receiving instruction or help (the most they get is, "well git gud"). People are scared about their losing spots and having to sink time in to keep them.

My opening words on our new Discord are...

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I haven't been posting in a long time. I am alive and *deep* into WoW Classic. I play on a Dad Server where we all talk about how much is sucks to fall over. A lot of folk have to take a break after the next pull or log out to take care of family.

If anyone is wondering if I'm still up to my bullshit... I'm currently bringing both of my guild's Raid teams into a Union. We are organising our time to work on projects that benefit those who don't have as much time to play.

We are holding our first meeting tonight to help build our consciousnesses and air grievances.

The whole thing has been growing from weird journey and I'm excited for what is going to come.

People who believe people are replaceable are the people who need to be replaced.

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