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CRAFTS! EC Pics of me wearing a backpack frame I made myself! 

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#howdy #introduction 

get in lads, we're learning new slang

until capitalism crumbles
until the land is given back
until all the fash are dead and rotting
until freedom
until every prison wall falls

@popefucker @em this is true. There are plenty of pagan types who are pushing back, and not willing to let a culture they love get coopted

Microplastics in soil harms drilosphere, evidence indicates:


Polyester clothing, disintegration, and friction cause small fragments of plastic to enter every part of our ecosystem, which may be contributing to an ongoing decline in fertility across the planet.

Additionally, this may be relevant to organic farming methods, which often use plastic for weed control.

Feel free to ask me more, this is one part of science I know something about.

Today my coworker and I are doing an artsy little project for a resort near us. The final product is masterfully crafted, but ultimately an unnecessary addition to the resort's restaurant. I looked down on it and said, "Fucking rich people!"
My coworker deadpan looked at me and said, "Well, who else are you gonna work for?" And laughed.
We both died a little inside.

The lack of class conciousness in some folks makes me blink hard.

Family Troubles, Rough Morning 

There is a feeling of Righteous Accomplishment that I have only ever had in the wake of a good weight lifting session. It verges on an obscene confidence. I feel as if I and anyone I see can accomplish anything!

*doesn't go on social media all weekend* I don't know why, but I'm in a really good mood this Monday.

A Mum love post 

In word and deed
may we succeed
and grow a fruitful garden
of our good health
and common wealth
these dreams they cannot darken.

In an effort to foster solidarity amongst the working class, I've become "that guy" who will talk to you about your day in the Costco Cafeteria.

Think of it this way

A small percentage of educated rich white people:

Fuck the kids
Fuck the earth
Fuck every other culture
Fuck our customers, secretly

But we have handheld sci fi computers and self driving cars isn't that great we're so accomplished

last night I went to a talk by tamzin powell, an anthropologist into folklore and witchcraft. it focused on the continued existence of 'cunning folk' and their history in the wye valley and the forest of dean. this is a thread of what I learned!

I'm planning a trip into the hills! So exciting. It'll be my first solo trip and I've been preparing for 4 months now.

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