@InvaderXan your blog is excellent, have prolly shared from it to sunbeam city before but my memory is hazy

@scottishwobbly I'm skeptical this could substitute for lighting, if only because of how inefficient plants are at getting energy from sun light, probably won't be producing enough light to see by. Might be good for decoration though

Just going by what it says there (do correct me if you know more abt this), but it looks like it doesn't use the suns energy to produce the light at all. The plants would be growing exactly as they normally do in cities, except the nanotech - stuff in a fireflies' butt + a couple enzymes - will make them glow. I think the sunlight is only required exactly as it normally is in non-teched plants


@certifiedperson @scottishwobbly the energy to produce the chemicals which produce the glow have to come from somewhere and in plants the energy come from the sun.

Also the picture is probably long exposure, making them look brighter than they are

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