tiny brain: I know exactly what needs to be done and fuck anyone who disagrees
normal brain: Only my preferred tactic would work, but I'll left unity I guess because it'll get other leftists off me and sometimes they'll help me back
bright brain: My preferred tactic is the most effective one, but yours is still good (though inferior)
galaxy brain: We need a diversity of tactics. I'll do what interests me most and you should too, and we'll support each other because all of our actions are vital

A broad diversity of (non-stupid) tactics, the broader the better, is more effective than even the best individual strategy on its own

Support your comrades of different tendencies, their success is tied to yours

Does this whole sentiment make me an anarchist without adjectives? I'm kinda fuzzy on that


@socalledunitedstates I think most of the level headed people in every leftist faction know that we've got no idea what a lot of the structure of a post revolution world will look like bc we'll undoubtedly have to adapt to unforseen conditions

@socalledunitedstates I think that the nature of revolutions means that the indivildual differences between factions matters less than the class consciousness of the masses

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