Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe member and professional chef Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef) made this video to explain the perspective about

For non-US folks, it's the mountain where four white male presidential heads are carved, in the state of


@raye Thanks for that. There's a lot of stuff in there I didn't know. Like, I knew, in a general sense, that all four presidents on that mountain were continuous perpetrators of genocide against indigenous people. But I didn't know specific things they did and said.

Also did not know about the confederate monument. Fucking hell.

I visited once when I was a kid. We also went to see the Crazy Horse memorial. I wonder what his perspective is on this? Because it's "honoring" an indigenous person, but it's also still white people carving up sacred land.


I was probably about 10 years old when my family did a cross-country car trip, and we briefly observed each, as the goal was grandparents on the opposite coast.

I'm really glad to hear this from an indigenous man who grew up on Pine Reservation in South Dakota. I assume he is offended by the Ziolkowski family's actions after what he says about Rushmore.

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