Sitting up in bed, looking at the long-range weather forecast....

they say for the starting a week from now.

I want it to snow on my mom's 78th birthday, because then the dog can run around like a goof, and I can film it for her and she can watch it back when there is no snow.

Planning a birthday for a 78-year-old person developing memory loss is much like having a birthday for a 5-year-old. We just need to do one silly thing she really likes, and I'll bring cupcakes from our favorite bakery.

@raye you might also play some music from her youth or something similarly nostalgic? That seems like it would be nice.

@abrahms You're so right about that. For my dad, it's 50s music of his late high school days, and for my mom, it's the early 60s music that was her college years.

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