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The pantry, which isn't stocked for the winter weather we're having. Just the way my wife likes to keep it for the 6 person house we live in. 🥰

Did SBC defederate from How can I find the answer to this question myself, if possible?

@alyaza Hi. What sort of solar punk stuff are you interested in, to the degree you're into solarpunk stuff?

I'm going to start a small futurology/solarpunk/afrofuturist group in which meets monthly. If that sounds like your jam, please reach out. I'll include you on the list.


Hi friends of the multiverse. How can I be helpful to you today?

I know several things about computers and systems. I also know some things about wood and metal work. I know a small amount about communal housing.


i'm learning about javascript toolchains and frankly the word "transpile" should mean something a lot more fun and gay

So I found jew mastodon. I found solarpunk mastodon. Anyone know where tech mastodon lives?

What are you doing or going to do to make this earth a better place in the month of November?

Climate strike, song idea, which side are you on? 

Hopefully by the end of this weekend, I'll have two raspberry pi night-vision cameras setup at the house. One will point to my shop project / home Depot list white board. The other will point to the house project / grocery store white board.

Is it appropriative to go by they/them pronouns even if you are quite comfortable as masc, but just think the gendered pronouns thing is something we should just stop doing.. like.. as a language?

MFW I forget that a large number of people that interact w/ me aren't actually sunbeamers. X_X

Hi sunbeamers. It's been a bit. How is everyone? What sort of things have you been doing with your time and energy?

For me, I've recently had a kid, and have been doing that. I've made it out to the shop a bit since, but mostly baby.

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