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The pantry, which isn't stocked for the winter weather we're having. Just the way my wife likes to keep it for the 6 person house we live in. πŸ₯°

I mean.. I had 3 hours of sleep last night, went to the gym, then napped for an hour ending about 6 hours ago.. so of course I can't sleep right now. 😩

Brunch with the family, then spent a little time shoveling bark chips to help my wife hit her community service obligations for the community garden. Have some park ablmbitions then on to make progress on the FPOSAS. A very good .

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Today, I setup a discourse server for my local community to see if we can run events through it. Ideally, yes, which will allow me to talk w/ people & organize outside of facebook. *hoping*

Last night we had a group house dinner and it was amazing. D made green curry tofu, I made lemon curried lentil/quinoa salad, wife made a lemon cake and N made a blueberry lemon Dutch baby. J&E cleaned up the dishes.

This is a happy place. πŸ₯°

OH: *indignant* pregnant people don't walk for themselves.

OH: before you make a sound like that, will you consider the alternatives?

@ebassi I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with this conclusion.

As a black person who tries to push privacy, I push federation not for self-hosting, but for community-based hosting. It's a given that not everyone has the time or resources to put into hosting their own services. Federation empowers users to be able to trust their administrators or be them. This is invaluable for marginalized groups.

As a black person, it's a fact there are people who will attack me because of my blackness or because I speak to the issues black people face. On some centralized platforms, there wouldn't be recourse. I would have to hit report, wait for something to get through the moderation queue, and hope the user is banned. In a lot of cases, harassers are left on the platform.

With people like hosting communities for black people, all you have to do is DM your admin or a mod and they can prevent that user from harassing anyone else on the server.

Federation is not a "fuck you, got mine" system. It's a system we can use in order to protect each other.

Dear kids in Washington State: you can make an appointment with your doctor, or walk into a clinic or ER, and get vaccinated. You don't need permission from your parents. You don't have to wait until you are 18. If the health care provider gets confused, the magic phrase is "Mature Minor Doctrine", and point out that not wanting to catch measles is sign of sufficient maturity.

Please reshare, and copypaste this any place this would be useful.

"get it while the manic energy is available" doesn't have as good of a ring as I'd like.

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Blueberry bushes this weekend, holes dug yesterday. Excited about the gardening and time spent w/ my wife. :)

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