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The pantry, which isn't stocked for the winter weather we're having. Just the way my wife likes to keep it for the 6 person house we live in. πŸ₯°

I don't quite know enough about how fediverse works on a technical level. When I try to search for hash tags, it's extremely slow.

Is this because of SBC? Or due to fedi as a whole?


When I try to look for a hashtag on tusky, it just hangs. Makes finding more folks to follow a bit difficult. :-/

Couple bonding activity:

One of you can only use your upper teeth. The other can only use their bottom teeth. Together, you have to eat a chicken wing.

Anyone on here draw comics? I'm looking to pay someone to draw an idea a friend and I had around landlord/tenant dichotomies.

anyone in the #portland area looking for a roommate? I can pay $400 in rent

i need to move out of a very abusive housing situation before being evicted from not vacuuming and mopping everyday (yes this is serious)

boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:

thank you!

Good morning everyone.

The pandemic stress along with the fires in the PNW are finally catching up to me. Having a hard time with what feels like depression, but is somehow different.

In my free time I've been playing video games (Astroneer &, watching tiktoks and considering moving to Germany. I need to figure out my mental health before the latter feels like a safe thing to do.

How are you coping?

I forget who but someone hipped me to and they seem like a standup outfit. I kind of wish I lived in PDX so I could order from them

I just had a solarpunk meetup here in PDX. 9 people attended and we talked about so many things. Water rams, wood gassifiers, composting toilets, technology, gardening, wood stoves, etc. Feeling so happy. :)

Fediverse is putting a CW on politics but sanitizing your dick is fine.

Just been learning about the symbiosis of woodgas and biodiesel. Very cool stuff. One helps make the other.

Did SBC defederate from How can I find the answer to this question myself, if possible?

@alyaza Hi. What sort of solar punk stuff are you interested in, to the degree you're into solarpunk stuff?

I'm going to start a small futurology/solarpunk/afrofuturist group in which meets monthly. If that sounds like your jam, please reach out. I'll include you on the list.


That thing where you're playing DND and people are chewing with their mouths open and almost an hour into the game before anyone decides what to do (which is completely obvious what were going to do). Got up and left, but it's a house game with my roommates and I can't deal. 😬

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