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The pantry, which isn't stocked for the winter weather we're having. Just the way my wife likes to keep it for the 6 person house we live in. 🥰

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On this week, I took (and passed!) my first HAM radio test.

I'm taking my first HAM radio exam this weekend because I read a rad zine about talking with space satellites, also I want to set up some networking between my friends house and mine without the internet, just to see if I can.

I mean.. I had 3 hours of sleep last night, went to the gym, then napped for an hour ending about 6 hours ago.. so of course I can't sleep right now. 😩

Brunch with the family, then spent a little time shoveling bark chips to help my wife hit her community service obligations for the community garden. Have some park ablmbitions then on to make progress on the FPOSAS. A very good .

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Today, I setup a discourse server for my local community to see if we can run events through it. Ideally, yes, which will allow me to talk w/ people & organize outside of facebook. *hoping*

Last night we had a group house dinner and it was amazing. D made green curry tofu, I made lemon curried lentil/quinoa salad, wife made a lemon cake and N made a blueberry lemon Dutch baby. J&E cleaned up the dishes.

This is a happy place. 🥰

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