Hey, , it's time to stop using .

Between white people appropriating like crazy, and CA wildfires killing the plants and their entire ecosystems, it's time this plant ceased being everyone's go-to for magickal work.

"... Due to the illegal over-harvesting of Saliva apiana in recent years in combination with increased, devastating wild fires on White Sage lands in Southern California, concern for the commercialized harvesting and distribution of White Sage grows as the wild populations of this species shrink in size.

Many Native American communities are requesting at this time that non-native peoples stop harvesting this plant from the wild altogether. As Native Americans have been the caretakers of this plant and the lands it grows on for countless generations, it is important that everyone respect and honor their request."


In the wake of the post about stopping use of I'd like to offer a link to a veritable one-page Master class "On Smoke" which discusses North American plants and incense, from a queer Pagan farm in Vermont.


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It's also fairly easy and convenient to grow a variety of sages for yourself and friends. Which you can then harvest, bind and dry appropriately too.

Oh, I forgot Juniper! Juniper sprigs are widely used for smudges in Siberia and Central Asia, and if you are in North America it grows in plenty in many places. The smell is amazing!

It doesn't smoulder quite as neatly though, due to the flammable oil it contains, so if you use it indoors, bring a plate or tray to collect stray embers and ashes.

Crush the berries and soak in flavourless aqua vitae or quality vodka for my favourite snaps!

@gamayun @raye juniper is awesome! Here in Michigan/US it’s practically everywhere. Another plant that I think is used for smudges (sp?) is mugwort, and it’s found all over the place and is highly invasive

@raye expanding on this: if you live in areas where wild white sage is endemic get out there and replant some

@raye I'm not witchy in any way, but I have grown my own culinary sage from seed. It's easy enough. Could people do that instead?

@interneteh If you can grow a plant yourself in a way that is sustainable, go for it.

Everything we consume that is a speciality from one spot on the planet will eventually become endangered due to capitalism selling out the supply, the history of the world has demonstrated that repeatedly. We have to diversify and localize whatever it is that we use.

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