more racism from extinction rebellion 

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"I'm at @ExtinctionR in parliament square and they just listed "mass migration" as a negative looming threat alongside flooding and societal breakdown. Extinction rebellion needs to sort out the dodgy politics immediately. Climate justice requires mobility justice."

more racism from extinction rebellion 

@radikalgrafitio @ExtinctionR
I agree they should be careful about what language they use, but surely 'mass migration', when forced on people by climate chaos, is undesirable for the migrants themselves too. It's just they have no other choice.

more racism from extinction rebellion 

@guyjames @ExtinctionR of cause people dont want to be forced to leave their homes and move to europe, but talking about migration alongside flooding, and considering the way migrants and migration are general talked about, then the meaning can only really be that foreigners moving here is a bad thing that happens to "us", if they meant something different they would make clear perhaps by saying displacement instead of migration

@radikalgrafitio @ExtinctionR I thought it isn't controversial that the climate catastrophe forcing people to leave their homes is a negative thing.

If it was framed as mass migration is bad for the receiving countries, that's a a different story.

@uint8_t @ExtinctionR people bing foreced to leave there homes is ofcourse bad, not bad too, its only really bad for those people, it doesn't harm people in countries that refuges move to

putting mass migration alongside things like flooding, and considering how migration is talked about in the uk makes it almost certain that migration is bad for the receiving countries was exactly what was meant, if someone meant something else they would make clear, maybe by saying displacement instead of migration

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