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Visit our list of events regularly if you can, as the rebellion is spreading & hopefully some events will make it to your area sooner or later, if they have not already:

UK Parlt just declared a #ClimateEmergency. It will start to #TellTheTruth and hopefully make more people aware of the catastrophe we are heading for. After #CriticalThinking , comes #activeaction. Let's make heads with nails. Until the end it remains manual work to avert crisis!

Anarchist News: **Careful comrade, your class is showing. Xr has some problems.**

"via Organise! magazine There has forever been this disconnect between the more radical and liberal Anarchists which keep us somewhat isolated from each other, even when our political positions more or less mirror each other. Radicals tend to make direct a…"

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declared by Welsh Government

“A "climate emergency" has been declared in Wales following protests demanding politicians take action on climate change.”

Extinction Rebellion: "If we continue having a high meat diet our kids will have no food."

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Some context. There was a motion put before the Scottish parliament last month. Only the Greens voted for it, Labour and SNP voted against. This is a statement from the First Minister in a speech.
Now, after the #XR events in London, there's this shift.
So: yay action for shifting the political ground.
But: boo opportunistic politicians.

Today representative of XR are meeting with Sadiq Khan.

Wednesday representative of XR are meeting with Michael Gove (and other minister from other department, including tresury)

Wednesday MP will vote on declaring a climate emergency.

A meeting is also being planned with John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Now THIS is what I'd been waiting for.

Evidence that peaceful civil disobedience actually works. And that's HUGE, because of it doesn't work, them that may make the foundations of our democracy crumble (and lead us to the conclusion that generalized violence is the only way to change things).

So this better fucking work, and pray the politicians' actions don't get dissolved in a sea of meaningless bureaucracy.


'You're the extremist here and I think it's really sad' | Extinction Rebellion

Geo News Special - Unique Protest 'Extinction Rebellion London' Continues in London For 2 Weeks

Geo News Special - Unique Protest 'Extinction Rebellion London' Continues in London For 2 Weeks

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