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Visit our list of events regularly if you can, as the rebellion is spreading & hopefully some events will make it to your area sooner or later, if they have not already:

Michael Gove's daughter went to the #SchoolStrike climate change protest

The Environment Secretary's own child has skipped school to take part in the demonstration

Went to an #extinctionrebellion action today in a shopping centre this afternoon . It was pretty great. Sadly I don't have pictures, but it was great. Get involved.

Gone and done a dual power and set up an Extinction Rebellion chatroom on riot :blobcatsurprised:

Come join the discussion over at

We'll try to keep it updated with as much XR-related news and events as possible, so we have an effective alternative to the proprietary Slack chats

(If the directory doesn't work, I'll shoot you an invite)

BREAKING: the police have started arresting children for standing up for their future.

We just want justice. This is wrong.

salutes all the courageous children who are striking on Friday as part of the UK’s first UK-wide because the climate & ecological disaster is putting their future in jeopardy.


Just look at this photo.

This is what young people have to do if they want their voices to be heard. If they want to fight for their lives. And demand justice.

Our democracy is broken. We need to listen to the people.

Thousands of young people have walked out of school to protest the government’s criminal inaction on the climate crisis. We are chanting “we want change” and we will keep on chanting until that change happens. We are the future. Listen to us.

“We are not just fighting for our own lives. We are fighting for the third world countries who are being destroyed now. We will not let them down. We are not going away.”

The speeches have started. And what powerful speeches they are.

Research Group - Edinburgh, tonight, 7pm-9pm

We need rigorous research to back up everything we do.

Join our research subgroup.

You don't need to be an expert, just bring your passion and a little of your time.

Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh

“ clothing consumption has doubled while utilisation has decreased... events such as contribute to & encourage this continued unsustainable growth.”, Clare Farrell,

Swarm Fashion Week this Sunday, 17th Feb, 12pm to 6pm, London

'The beginning of great change': Greta Thunberg hails school climate strikes

The 16-year-old’s lone protest last summer has morphed into a powerful global movement challenging politicians to act

On April 15 #ExtinctionRebellion will shut down London, demanding a sane response to the climate crisis, guided by citizen assemblies.

If you support this plan, you need to know about #vTaiwan - the world's most advanced citizen participation process.


Friday, February 15

Let's get 1000s of children in the UK on in protest at the government inaction on the climate & ecological crisis

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