What do you use as plant labels?

Most of my seed packets don't come with them.

I don't really want to buy plastic ones. The shop I went to had wooden ones but 12 were as expensive as 200 plastic ones would have been.

I used to cut up plastic milk bottles for plant labels, but we've been getting milk delivered in glass bottles for years.


@artsyhonker Depends on what we're growing, sometimes we just write on the trays or pots themselves, but have also used old white blinds cut up. The real catch is to use the right kind of marker, the type that uv doesn't fade... well that and remembering to actually label things in the first place instead of going 'oh I will 100% remember that yeah'

@planty @artsyhonker Ooh, old blinds are a good reuse idea! I just got a 50-pack of the sturdy plastic sticks a few years ago, and write on them in pencil.

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