I let my little arugula / rocket bed go to seed because I forgot to harvest them. But now they look pretty.

You can buy plants and seeds with food stamps as long as they're at an ebt certified retailer!

Those dang adorable bunnies keep eating my okra seedlings!

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My Haworthia is flowering. It doesn't do this very often, so far once every 2-3 years, so it feels like an exciting moment.

inside you there are two wolves. one is algae or cyanobacteria. the other is a fungus. you are a lichen.

Is there space on your homestead for one without youth and vigor
Is there room in your syndicate for the one who rocks and shouts
Does your committee have time for the one who stutters and struggles
Do these tiny homes come with ramps and aides
Will this new utopia hold space for us
Where do the elders sit
Where do the strange ones live
Where is the quiet place
Where we can go to mourn ourselves and others lost

This book is giving me a lot to think about.

"If the goal was to increase the love, rather than winning or dominating a constant opponent, I think we could actually imagine liberation from constant oppression." - brown, Emergent Strategy

It's May Day and the first day of our month long book club reading of Always Coming Home! If you need help finding a copy let me know.

The book is split into many named sections. So, please appropriately CW for spoilers by listing the section name. You can also add to the CW to make your post easier to find by others reading!

Walking around my house eating a head of lettuce one-handed like a giant crunchy drumstick. It's getting hot out.

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