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other places on the Fediverse that you can find me 

Hello! There has been some drama here of late. This confirms my hunch that the strategy of existing on several instances simultaneously is a good idea.

Some other places you can find me: -- food and homemaking. I do *not* CW food toots on that account (unless I specifically want them boosted), so follow with discretion please. -- general -- music, which is my work

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In the category of "things I have been thinking about instead of my PhD", here is a small-scale plan for using greywater for growing plants without getting your soil all soapy, using passive distillation.

It probably makes sense in places where rainwater is scarce and there's a lot of heat.

I haven't found anything quite like this online, but I only did a cursory search. If I've invented it, I hereby license it under CC-by-SA.

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Outdoor rowing machine made from a bike wheel etc, only the bike wheel has a dynamo and you can use it to charge stuff.

(Rowing machines are one of the best exercises for my jointcrap, but the gym smells and I don't have space for one inside.)

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@deadringers *nod* being able to fill it with dead grass or straw or whatever, and put topsoil on top, is a major attraction; I like raised beds because I have joint problems.

I wonder if a glass bowl over the opening for the compost would give something like the Sun Frost Solar Composter, too:

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time, then!

I'm a choral composer who releases her music under free culture licences like CC by-SA. My interests include cycling, urban foraging, gardening, cooking, intersectionality, sustainability,, liturgy, cats. I'm neurodivergent and have multiple chronic healthcrap issues. I'm Christian.

I'm currently working on a PhD in contemporary sacred choral composition. I also run Cecilia's List, a site to highlight Christian sacred music composed by women.

activism, graffiti, war in Ukraine 

Saw some "Z" graffiti yesterday in London -- the symbol Russian invaders are spray painting on Ukrainian targets.

I was unprepared in this case, but turning it into the Extinction Rebellion logo would be fast and easy.

One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

What do you imagine communications tech to look like without fossil fuels or nuclear energy? Especially interested in what happens if you have to put it together from stuff that already exists or that you can build using artisanal labour and biomass.

plant crimes 

OK plant Mastodon: I have a bunch of (commercial) blight-resistant F1 tomato seeds, and I'm planning on dehybridising them (this will take several years), then breeding them with other (heirloom, copyright-free) seeds.

How illegal is this? My jurisdiction is the UK.

I'm pretty sure I can't sell them on (which is otherwise complicated here), or sell the produce. But for my own use, how does this work?

Open source seed scoops for 3D printing, in case anyone here is thinking about starting a seed company:


In case you missed it elsewhere, my stepdad died on Sunday morning.

Thinking about giving up synthetic clothing because of the microplastics.

Summer is OK: I tend to live in cotton and linen anyway.

Winter is hard! Cotton is cold. Wool is expensive and usually delicate, and I can't keep up with the moths. Waxed cotton coats don't even exist in my size and shape, they're all for skinny posh people. How to stay warm and dry?

covid-19, tetanus vaccination 

Thanks for all your replies.

It turns out that if I get a puncture wound bad enough to warrant a tetanus jab, I can have most of the benefit from getting the jab *after* the wound, and will in any case need assessment for additional treatment. So I'm going to be careful, and not risk the public transport and other exposure that would be involved in getting a jab now.

And then get one when this thing blows over, which could be a while.

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covid-19, asking for advice, tetanus vaccination 

So. I haven't had a tetanus booster shot for... literally decades. Not even sure I completed standard childhood course.

My allotment turns out to be made mostly of rusting sheet metal and hidden broken glass. I'm wearing gloves and good boots there, but there's still a good chance of a serious puncture wound.

It's also one of the hobbies I can actually *do* while doing social distancing.

My GP receptionist all but laughed at me when I asked about getting a tetanus jab.

But tetanus is seriously bad, and I neither want to need ICU treatment nor be additional ICU load in the next few months. I feel like getting a booster would be the responsible course of action here.

Private jab will be £52 (OK fine) and I'll have to take public transport to get there (not fine). My spouse is high-risk for COVID-19 complications.

Do I do it?

Compline livestream (religion, covid-19) 

I'll be livestreaming Compline again tonight at 8pm GMT. I think I've fixed the problem that made last time so buffery. for the video, for more details.

Please join me if you want to. We may not be able to gather, but we can still pray together.

(It's a Christian service, but you don't have to be Christian to join in.)

covid-19, fundraising, food mention 

So, my church has suspended all services and activities -- except the Soup Kitchen, which is now being operated on a take-away basis to reduce risks. And we are working to make sure the local food bank can continue to operate.


More info:

Thank you!

covid-19 adjacent, religion, Christianity, livestream 

OK I know the Tube of You is not stylish here, but it is what I could get set up super fast.

I couldn't get to church today because of self-isolation. Maybe you could, maybe you couldn't. But if you'd like a little more peace and calm in your evening, join me at 8pm GMT tonight for sung #compline:

#solarpunk and #gardening people, please help me out with something, others, boosts appreciated

I'd like to make a special item on my game Improbable Island that you can only get by planting a tree. As an added bonus I'd like to give another item when the tree's one year old. I plan to require photographic evidence.

Is there a way to indelibly and non-detrimentally mark a young tree, so that people returning in a year can identify and photograph the tree they planted?

religion, Christianity, Lenten discipline 

My denomination (the Church of England) has produced a Lent campaign called ": Care for God's Creation" which has readings, reflections and actions for each weekday and weekend in Lent.

Is anyone else here on the Fediverse doing this?

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religion, Christianity, Lenten discipline, cycling 

This means I am basically all set for my Lenten discipline of cycling or walking for all journeys within a certain area, instead of taking public transport (which is not yet carbon neutral here).

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resource politics, pretend nation-states, stolen indigenous land, casual racism, climate 

My father (a white guy) yesterday on the phone said that the "elected chiefs" of "Canadian" natives are all in favour of a gas pipeline and the elders are not. He also said "someone finally organised them" which is super horrible. He was worried about blocked rail freight lines.

I said that talking about two distinct groups like that was an interesting divide-and-conquer media technique, and also that maybe they organised themselves, being human beings with agency etc.

He did then say "obviously what the government of Canada should do is find out what the natives want and then give it to them".

I said "Well, no pipeline would be like the bare minimum of a good start, I mean, come on." He didn't say anything to that, which -- I think -- means he thinks I'm right but too idealistic.

Rejoice with me for I have got two Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28-622 tyres onto a pair of particularly difficult rims.

My hands *hate* me now.

Tomorrow: I can (probably) cycle to the allotment instead of taking the bus! That's of my hands are OK enough to put the wheels onto the bike, which is... not guaranteed. But that part is much much *much* easier than the tyres, for me.

If I'd been more organised I would have made an appointment to get the other wheels trued at the little bike shop that is literally on the way there. Oof.

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