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In the category of "things I have been thinking about instead of my PhD", here is a small-scale plan for using greywater for growing plants without getting your soil all soapy, using passive distillation.

It probably makes sense in places where rainwater is scarce and there's a lot of heat.

I haven't found anything quite like this online, but I only did a cursory search. If I've invented it, I hereby license it under CC-by-SA.

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Outdoor rowing machine made from a bike wheel etc, only the bike wheel has a dynamo and you can use it to charge stuff.

(Rowing machines are one of the best exercises for my jointcrap, but the gym smells and I don't have space for one inside.)

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@deadringers *nod* being able to fill it with dead grass or straw or whatever, and put topsoil on top, is a major attraction; I like raised beds because I have joint problems.

I wonder if a glass bowl over the opening for the compost would give something like the Sun Frost Solar Composter, too:

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time, then!

I'm a choral composer who releases her music under free culture licences like CC by-SA. My interests include cycling, urban foraging, gardening, cooking, intersectionality, sustainability,, liturgy, cats. I'm neurodivergent and have multiple chronic healthcrap issues. I'm Christian.

I'm currently working on a PhD in contemporary sacred choral composition. I also run Cecilia's List, a site to highlight Christian sacred music composed by women.

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I'm posting most of my gardening stuff at @artsyhonker because it is always about food really and I don't CW food stuff there because it's a food instance, and also because the founder expressed interest in expanding it to a cooking-and-homemaking theme rather than just cooking.

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Due to an influx of weird MRA spam across the fediverse, we now require new accounts to be approved by an admin. If you think your account has been unfairly mangled by the approval queue please ping one of the mods (me, @vector, @dzuk, @eldang, @distel, @mykola, @twistylittlepassages ).

We'll switch back to open registration when the spam dies down, if we remember.

One of the weeds turned out to be a walnut seedling, so that will get repotted.

I say "helped out": I ate a picnic lunch and did a little light weeding.

Helped out a friend at their allotment and saw slow worms!

I had never seen them before, so, that was exciting.

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other places on the Fediverse that you can find me 

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This just came across my feed:

Nonbinary Hebrew Project
dedicated developing and sharing #nonbinary language for #Hebrew.

#jewish #enby

I woke up this morning to find I have a new patron! Hurrah!

If you want to make me grin and do a little dance this morning, it's or

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Rain! the garden needs this so much. And I get a morning off from hauling the watering can around, but I should probably go out and hunt snails.

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food mention in gardening context, low-harm slug and snail control 

food mention in gardening context, low-harm slug and snail control 

I think we laugh at social media and denigrate it because social media is feminizing. This is partly because social media, by design and purpose, is oriented towards socializing, which is a feature of domestic labor, and all that socializing implies: nurturing , connection, caring; all actions considered feminine. But I think it is also feminizing in one other crucial way: Social media asks us to see ourselves as we are seen, to construct an image of ourself as we must appear to outsiders. That is, social media asks us to consider a gaze not our own. This is a process that women have undergone for generations, ever since the rise of patriarchy and the male gaze.

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