i potted some new things today!!! ill finally be home for awhile, so hopefully i can get these established in the garden before i have to head out again

ive got one potawatomi lima bean thats doing Great in the garden, even with a fair bit of neglect so im especially excited to plant more of those guys!!

in the garden today i was able to harvest some potawatomi lima beans for the first time !!!!

and i also picked three papayas which is great, havent been able to get a lot recently bc the birds have been enjoying them

I was on a long trip and just came back home, I was a little worried about how my garden was doing, and some things didn't survive but I'm pleasantly surprised by a lot of it !!!!!

Especially my turmeric !!!!!!! It was barely coming up when I left and now its huge!!!!

been feeling rly good this past few days !! ive personally gotten a lot done around our yard and my parents and i put together the first part of a raised bed in our main yard!!! i say first part because my mom is planning a step sort of structure, were also using recycled redwood which has proven to b pretty resistant to the termites which is great (also it looks pretty)

plant identification 

im on oahu, and i went up to a part of my yard that i dont usually and i found this ! very interested, anyone know what it might be?

repotting a long bean and i caught a glimpse of their little nitrogen fixing bit !! so cool. also this guy is so small but already has a bean !!!

repotted all my sprouts a couple days ago, upcycled some containers and !! i had fun making all the newspaper pots ! i also started a bunch of garlic

i was in san diego for only a few days, and was sick for half of them but i got a chance to see the botanical building in balboa park!! it was so lovely, I couldve spent hours in there

this ive been v minorly tailoring some pants that i got at a thrift store a couple of days ago ! i cut them a little shorter, and hemmed them (tho its a little wonky so i might redo that later) and im taking in the waist ! using a little traveling sewing kit that i made and a thimble i stole from my brother

i brought my sprouts inside since these last few days have been incredibly windy (one of my papaya trees broke in half!!!), i find it v nice to see all of them right on my desk tho!! theyre so pleasing to watch grow. also im drying some mint !

some seeds i ordered came in today !! v excited to try them out, though before that im gonna have to build something for the beans to climb. i also started on some lilikoi seeds today !!! i love those fruits, so i hope theyll germinate

ive learned darning which has been super fun, i fixed some rly small holes in a couple of socks and then found this older pair i hadnt worn in awhile, that had a bunch of damage on the heel, and fixed it all up !!! its bed time for me now but i want to get to the other one tomorrow

heres the result of all that turmeric !! i ground it all up this morning, and came to a full jar of the stuff

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