that sounds like a super cool idea!!!!

not very useful with the weights, but I really like push ups !!

also the lima bean thats already planted has gotten so many little baby beans growin on it and its so exciting !!!!! ive been able to harvest some but its looking like i might be able to Eat some soon !

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yesterday i harvested my own ginger for the first time, and theres something abt it being Ginger, this thing that there are so many incredible and, delicious uses for that i got real emotional about

i love growing things so much

i potted some new things today!!! ill finally be home for awhile, so hopefully i can get these established in the garden before i have to head out again

ive got one potawatomi lima bean thats doing Great in the garden, even with a fair bit of neglect so im especially excited to plant more of those guys!!

:O !!!!!!!! theyre so tall !!!!!! also the dark stem is very cool !!

@Some_Person ah wow !!!!! if you have any pics of what the beans look like id love to see !! (no obligation to share tho !)

and they do!!!!!!!! they're some of the most fun to watch grow

@Some_Person yeah !!! i love how they look, and thats awesome ! what kind do you have?

im gonna let the beans sit out to dry a bit more before storing them

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in the garden today i was able to harvest some potawatomi lima beans for the first time !!!!

and i also picked three papayas which is great, havent been able to get a lot recently bc the birds have been enjoying them

i've heard theres a community garden at the uni im going to and i am,, incredibly excited

i love working with people and working with plants. So much

I was on a long trip and just came back home, I was a little worried about how my garden was doing, and some things didn't survive but I'm pleasantly surprised by a lot of it !!!!!

Especially my turmeric !!!!!!! It was barely coming up when I left and now its huge!!!!

long, 2/ 

@saltqueer !! this is awesome! ive been wanting to have/make a spindle, ill definitely be trying this out soon

rain cleared up a bit !!!!! got a few plants in the ground, set up two supports for some of my tomatoes !!!!! all very low tech cause im just using, some sturdy sticks i have lying around. glad i got out today

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i was planning to do a bunch of gardening today but the rain started coming down so hard 😞😞 nd the wind mightve killed my tomatoes,, hadnt had a chance yet to build supports for them

guess who made a hugelkultur bed!!!!! i had a good pile of already rotting wood, and im very happy to have used it ! and excited to have another place to plant !!!

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