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ive been on here for a little while, but i havent properly done one of these so heres my

I'm Jack, I'm 19, at the moment I'm on a gap year, before I start college in the fall (which is gonna b in the pacific northwest). I grew up, and still currently live on Oahu.

I have a great passion for helping people, and want to learn how to do more and help more people, and I'm trying to do so. Things tend to take a bit of time for me.

I'm still learning about it, but I'm definitely anarchist/communist.
And! I love making things! Most recently that's been weaving, which I immediately fell in love with. I also know how to sew, knit, learning to crochet, embroider, as well as painting and drawing. I also write a lot of poetry, and some fiction (usually scifi or fantasy). And, as you might have seen, I've been gardening.

Nice to meet all of you !

also the lima bean thats already planted has gotten so many little baby beans growin on it and its so exciting !!!!! ive been able to harvest some but its looking like i might be able to Eat some soon !

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yesterday i harvested my own ginger for the first time, and theres something abt it being Ginger, this thing that there are so many incredible and, delicious uses for that i got real emotional about

i love growing things so much

i potted some new things today!!! ill finally be home for awhile, so hopefully i can get these established in the garden before i have to head out again

ive got one potawatomi lima bean thats doing Great in the garden, even with a fair bit of neglect so im especially excited to plant more of those guys!!

im gonna let the beans sit out to dry a bit more before storing them

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in the garden today i was able to harvest some potawatomi lima beans for the first time !!!!

and i also picked three papayas which is great, havent been able to get a lot recently bc the birds have been enjoying them

i've heard theres a community garden at the uni im going to and i am,, incredibly excited

i love working with people and working with plants. So much

I was on a long trip and just came back home, I was a little worried about how my garden was doing, and some things didn't survive but I'm pleasantly surprised by a lot of it !!!!!

Especially my turmeric !!!!!!! It was barely coming up when I left and now its huge!!!!

rain cleared up a bit !!!!! got a few plants in the ground, set up two supports for some of my tomatoes !!!!! all very low tech cause im just using, some sturdy sticks i have lying around. glad i got out today

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i was planning to do a bunch of gardening today but the rain started coming down so hard 😞😞 nd the wind mightve killed my tomatoes,, hadnt had a chance yet to build supports for them

guess who made a hugelkultur bed!!!!! i had a good pile of already rotting wood, and im very happy to have used it ! and excited to have another place to plant !!!

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My interests change too often to have a job under capitalism. I find a new skill and want to work on it for a few months and share the things I create. Drawing art for people for a couple of months, then maybe sharing some vegetables I grew, maybe bake bread and try out many recipes for a couple of weeks and open up a mini Cafe for a bit with some chairs I have at home and an old table to let people try my bread for free. Teach people a language and have them teach me theirs another time. I want to learn and teach and create without feeling restricted by what I have to do to survive.

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If I bought a handful of books, either used or from a publisher like AK, to donate to a free community library, what would you guys recommend?

I'm definitely getting Anarchy Works, so that'll cover the theory. Also thinking Steal This Book but a similar one may also work. Maybe A Better Dinner Is Possible. After that though, I want accessible books on workplace organizing and lawn gardening/permaculture, and maybe a radical maker/repair guide

Suggestions appreciated!

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Rough, depressing day so I designed some messaging as a fuck you to the system that's killing me

It's got little pull tabs full of links. Obviously if you use it (you're welcome to) you should replace the bottom 2 links with local groups of your choice

(and I know you're skeptical but actually our DSA chapter, specifically, rules)

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I have had thoughts about how to grow in soil you can't test, both for collapse scenarios and for guerilla gardening

Sunflowers absorb toxins really well, are easy to find en masse as bird seed or for consumption (yes, both will grow), and can act as a living trellis, so those would likely be the basis. Following that, I know that fruits (in the botanical sense, not the culinary one) take in very little of the toxins in the soil compared to leaves, shoots, and roots, so those should be preferred

Something like a modified three-sisters method, with sunflowers replacing the corn and paired with any climber and any gourd, might work well. It'd end up being more foolproof and lower-maintenance too due to the synergy

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If you live in a hot climate consider getting a pomegranate plant! They are small trees that are easy to look after and apparently can be grown in pots. My pomegranates have been ripening gradually so you'll have a constant supply of pomegranates instead of all at once like with some fruit. Pomegranates are also pretty expensive to buy in shops so if you love pomegranates it might be worth it :) they are also more drought and heat resistant than a lot of plants!

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I found this trillium while hiking. don't pick trillium, please. they are slow growing flowers. leave them for the next people

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Abuse, Request for money, please boost 

Hey all!

We're really fuckin close to the goal of £600
If you boost, you can help us reach that within a week!
Please, if you know anyone with money that they dont need, send this their way! Do anything you can to help us reach this goal

Love you all so much!!

Laurie xxx

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I really hate doing this cuz I just started working not too long ago, but I'm not actually stable yet, still trying to claw my way back up from that last month of not quite having enough money to cover bills.

But I get paid on the 4th and it looks like even with my overtime I'm gonna come up about $200 short on rent. If anybody can help me out any I'd appreciate it a whole bunch.


been feeling rly good this past few days !! ive personally gotten a lot done around our yard and my parents and i put together the first part of a raised bed in our main yard!!! i say first part because my mom is planning a step sort of structure, were also using recycled redwood which has proven to b pretty resistant to the termites which is great (also it looks pretty)

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