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repotted all my sprouts a couple days ago, upcycled some containers and !! i had fun making all the newspaper pots ! i also started a bunch of garlic

anyway i just wish there were more spaces where it was clear that they were for community, and for everyone to just gather and interact and support one another

nd like growing up i never really had that, my parents werent religious, ive moved to different houses and different schools so often that i never was able to really settle into a place, and get to know my neighbors so ive become very used to being. alone and surrounded by strangers

there are a lot of things i want for the world, but i think one of the biggest things is that i want a greater sense of community, to feel more connected to the people around me! i feel like its very easy, for me, to be disconnected from the world nd i know that there are things that i can do to put myself in a position where i can be more involved in my community, and i want to do those things!!! i just have to overcome my own anxiety, and the fact that im doing this alone makes it harder

i was in san diego for only a few days, and was sick for half of them but i got a chance to see the botanical building in balboa park!! it was so lovely, I couldve spent hours in there

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My mom died sometime between thursday night and friday afternoon. It was unexpected and sudden.
If you'd like to do something to help us mourn, small gifts of food and kind messages are very much appreciated. You can also contribute to our food fund (we're not cooking this weekend.)

It looks like I'll also be traveling back to iowa unexpectedly sometime soon so if you can send a little money my way, it's really, really appreciated.

to donate via paypal:

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I know it hasn't really reached out from tumblr or twitter into mastadon yet but maybe it can get a foothold here? Blackness needs to shine out everywhere!

Also a picture of the board game I've put a lot of work into Unbound: Endless War (

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rambling abt short term vs long term solutions to capitalism, feel free to interact Show more

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Calling all gardeners - fresh and mature. I have just found Alys Fowler's wonderful Edible Garden series (6 episodes) is available for free on

Alys blends organic gardening and permaculture principles to build a beautiful and edible garden space to feed her household throughout the growing season.

this ive been v minorly tailoring some pants that i got at a thrift store a couple of days ago ! i cut them a little shorter, and hemmed them (tho its a little wonky so i might redo that later) and im taking in the waist ! using a little traveling sewing kit that i made and a thimble i stole from my brother

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The way capitalism shifts blame for systemic problems onto individuals is just fucking wild and what鈥檚 worse is the way that people internalize it.

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I鈥檝e finally got a job and I鈥檒l be making enough to get by and contribute to other people鈥檚 crowd funds *finally* but right now I鈥檓 completely flat broke.

My bank account was zeroed out from getting myself to orientation and training and my first full paycheck won鈥檛 come until the 21st of next month, which means basically that my first three checks are already just gonna go straight to my landlord, assuming she doesn鈥檛 decide to evict me before then.

I鈥檝e also got no way to get to work until I get paid cuz busses cost money, never mind food, which I鈥檓 nearly out of and with no food stamps until the 4th.

So I鈥檓 asking for help. I need $860 to get rent paid this month, but anything at all helps, and a month bus pass is honestly my first priority cuz I need to be able to get to work on Sunday.

I appreciate so much all the help I鈥檝e gotten up to this point, and honestly I don鈥檛 expect much here, I feel pretty guilty for asking again but I鈥檓 not sure what else to do. :(


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