in the garden today i was able to harvest some potawatomi lima beans for the first time !!!!

and i also picked three papayas which is great, havent been able to get a lot recently bc the birds have been enjoying them

im gonna let the beans sit out to dry a bit more before storing them

@nevercouldhurt they are really pretty! I have some beans growing too atm!

@Some_Person yeah !!! i love how they look, and thats awesome ! what kind do you have?

@nevercouldhurt I have some purple ones called "purple King" and some yellow ones that I don't remember the name of. The little seedlings are just coming up and they grow so fast!!!

@Some_Person ah wow !!!!! if you have any pics of what the beans look like id love to see !! (no obligation to share tho !)

and they do!!!!!!!! they're some of the most fun to watch grow

@nevercouldhurt for some reason it's not letting me upload the pics but I'll show you if it gets fixed soon lol

I am really excited to watch them grow though, mine are growing some new baby leaves!

@nevercouldhurt here are the plants! The picture is a little blurry because I took it at night but I hope you can see them properly :)

:O !!!!!!!! theyre so tall !!!!!! also the dark stem is very cool !!

@nevercouldhurt yeah! I think they look really pretty, it will be cool to have the fence covered with them!

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