I needed to stack two I2C devices at work today, and this was solution we came up with for the prototype. Pretty funny looking but it worked great.

Had the (dis)pleasure of working with "Special Ops Edition" RAM today. Both of them had failed.

Today would've been a good day to wear my "The Notorious BGP" t-shirt.

Some art software I've been working on, coded in Processing. Inspired by the Rorschach test and Rorschach's (the character) mask.

Second image made with didder.

didder -i input.jpg -o output.png --strength 60% -p 'black white limegreen yellow blue' -x 300 -u 2 --brightness 20% bayer 8x8


Loki (TV show) has such great retrofuturism design. Of course, I'm most attracted to the computing they do, but all of set is really well put together.

Amber displays are the best

8-bit 6502 computer built and wired by hand. After days of debugging, it finally works. I'm very pleased.

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