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"Never trust a programmer who says he knows C++"

I started C++ yesterday (embedded, for my e-ink display), and while I'm enjoying using classes, I can feel what a complex beast the language is. Absolutely ridiculous coming from something like Go.

@jens definitely using Unicode is the best way to go. But sometimes it's just not possible.

I'll be using anyascii for my e-ink display code. It's fantastic project that aims to provide conversions for all of Unicode into ASCII. It's implemented in tons of programming languages too! Useful for usecases like mine, where only ASCII fonts are supported.

@aw I'm happy with all the fancy Python stuff, but I think what Go does is interesting and useful as well. Haven't had much opportunity to make my own OOP structures in Go with inheritance, but thanks to the standard library I've seen how useful things like io.Writer are. No experience with Rust.

I suppose I am thinking mostly about inheritance, as if you aren't thinking about that then you can do most things with structs.

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Why are people against OOP? It seems extraordinarily useful and difficult to replace with plain old procedural programming. I'm trying to think of how to do GUI things like Widgets or games without it, and while of course you can, why avoid it?

@squeakypancakes @cwebber usb condoms actually exist! They only pass through the power lines, to prevent exploits when charging phones and the like.

Proton is so great. It's ironic that Windows-only games like Among Us will run better on Linux better than on macOS, but I guess that's the power of open source!

Bug ID? 

@kensanata you could try posting to r/WhatsThisBug, I hear they're pretty good

Inkplate e-ink display 

@kelbot Inkplate 10 looks like the best I've seen on the market. The integrated ESP32 and buttons is so cool. Battery power, partial refresh, it's got so much. The refresh rate is way better than Waveshare and the size is not much smaller.

I've never coded for an ESP32 before but wanted to, so that'll be fun. Unfortunately I already wrote >1400 lines of Python for the Waveshare display lol, so I'll have to think about how to port that.

@kelbot haha I was looking at them right now! They seem really awesome, thanks for the rec

Looking for an e-ink display! 

I have bought two of these large 12in e-ink displays from WaveShare, and both of them didn't work :(

Thankfully got refunds, but I still want a damn display! Anyone have suggestions for where I can get a decently large one? WaveShare seems like the best place but I don't feel like I can give them more of money at this point.

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