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If you'd like to help continue Amfora (and gemget, md2gemini) development, feel free to donate! PRs also accepted 😁

Recently switched to the main *fork* of the Syncthing Android app. It's a formidable improvement in UI, and isn't a battery drain at all. Syncthing is magical, and now that the daemon can be on all the time on my phone, I can transfer files too and from it in just a few seconds.

I put some Windows portable apps ( on the USB as well. I don't use Windows personally, but I figure it would be useful to have some utilities like VLC and Notepad++ available to me if I do.

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It is under no
copyrights and is free to
be distributed

Reminder that Ventoy ( exists, and you should put it on your big USB! Setting it up on mine now :)

Ventoy allows you to use put multiple ISOs on a USB and choose which one to boot off of. You can also use it for normal file storage!

I have 8 ISOs (12.4 GiB) on mine already. I might even use them some day! Lol

My Samba automount script works great! I've added it to the Arch Wiki. It mounts and unmounts based on your Wi-Fi network.

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"Bitcoin and Urbit is a match made in heaven."

- Urbit team

Set up Samba instead of NFS on my server and so far it definitely seems better. Faster, can follow symlinks, built into my file manager... I'll have to see how it performs when the connection breaks and other network issues occur. NFS would hang my system 😬

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Hi all! I'm a software dev based in San Francisco. I'm into Gemini, decentralization, and software minimalism and I'm the admin/developer for (gemini://

Currently working on a couple of projects related to self-hosting git:

I look forward to being a part of Merveilles!

This link is both a valid PDF file, and a valid UTF-8 Gemtext file. Amazing.

I've created a custom action in my file browser (Thunar) so that from the right-click menu I can add images to the gallery. This feels very productive.

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I set up an art gallery on my site. Turns out web stuff can be pretty fun sometimes!

I'll send out the link again once I dump a bunch of things on to it that I've collected over the years.

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> "Treating images liked on social media platforms as an archive developed unconsciously. Set in time with the rapid beat of the nightcore remix of the ATC song ‘Around The World’ it feels a bit like an indoctrination video that would be used by MKultra or in the Ludovico Treatment, portraying a vision of the world defined by conflict, technology and absurdity

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