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If you'd like to help continue Amfora (and gemget, md2gemini) development, feel free to donate! PRs also accepted 😁

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➤ sdate
Sat Sep 10000 05:40:28 PM EST 1993

➤ sdate --covid 19
Sat Mar 322 05:40:30 PM EST 2020

10,000 days of Eternal September, and 322 of COVID-19.

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Dithering library development has stalled over this:

Color is hard, sigh. There's more to do with the library, but it's hard for my brain to move past this annoying problem.

Signal... appears to be working again? I imagine it's been a long and frenzied day for them. Looking forward to the post-mortem, and I hope this doesn't negatively affect their new userbase too much.

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> Due to these principles, a Discordian believes there is no distinction between order and disorder, since they are both man-made conceptual divisions of the pure element of chaos.


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is it gay to slay? Because you're killing violently. 😳😳🤔

One day saying "based" will actually be "cringe". Some scholars estimate we've already reached that point, and you just don't know it yet.

I think all the dithering examples I've been posting are wrong... Thank god I figured this out before releasing the library! Then again, I could be wrong about this too -- but I feel pretty good this time.

In any case, I've sent an email to the Ditherpunk guy about this, cause it seems he's the authority on dithering now lol. Hopefully he'll update his post!

If you know about colorspaces, you can get the details here:

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Bayer level 3 on the classic peppers image, with red, green, and black and red, green, yellow, and black as the palettes.

Time for bed!

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Bayer level 1, Bayer level 2, Atkinson error diffusion, and Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion.

Library coming soon! Probably this weekend?

Not just lighter, but the range of perceived colors is larger if you compare the two images. It's much easier to distinguish the shoulder and cloth thing.

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