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Hurrah for federation and writing!

Sunbeam City just launched a federated blogging instance through the Plume software! Check it out at cafe.sunbeam.city/

The default of phone screens sleeping if they aren't touched every couple of seconds I believe contributes a lot to their addictive behaviour. Using a phone as a device to enable thinking (like a book) involves taking in information from the device and then processing that information internally. The fact that phones by default sleep/dim after several seconds continously beheads the second part of that process. You have to stop processing and think about tapping your phone to wake it back up.

@jrc03c @jere annnnd now it died in the middle of the installation because I wasn't charging it. Yeah!

@jrc03c @jere so even though I resized the boot partition, it still shows up as 100% used at 96M when mounted?!

@jrc03c @jere so far it's been fine, although I realized my boot partition was too small when I got to the bootloader step, so I had to restart and delete my main partition (along with all my other install work), and then resize the boot partition. I'm now in the process of redoing the steps after that.

catholic priest: Chickity-China
the congression, in unison: The Chinese Chicken

Gonna attempt to install Arch Linux for the first time on my new laptop tonight and tomorrow. With WiFi only. Wooo! :tux:

All bridges have been taken by @ExtinctionR. On Westminster Bridge and we’re being led in a meditation to ground us as riot police gather. We are sending people to support who have the smallest number holding the bridge. We are united. We are the rebellion. t.co/SgKtFTlyAv

a normal society: people need houses so we should build them

a commodity fetishist society: some people have to be homeless because otherwise some peoples money numbers will go down

tacky QT'ing / drugs 

Omg @iliana is your name rn a reference to the new metric album? I love it!

Can someone send me this meme with powerpuff girls where there is sugar and other sweet things and then suddenly penis?

I'm actually getting my first laptop tomorrow, and now all y'all can make me think about is fucking it

lewd laptop but with clothes on 

Anyone in London who can keep me informed on how things go down tomorrow?

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