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Not the cyberpunk you deserve, but the one you should've expected.

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when leftists do it it's called "propaganda", but when corporations do it it's called "advertising", when liberals do it it's called "the news", and when nazis do it it's called "just a joke"

Amfora has a new Homebrew tap! It's official now. Thanks to @Jackymancs4 for maintaining the old one.

If you're on macOS, this is the preferred way to install Amfora.

brew tap makeworld-the-better-one/tap

brew install amfora


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I'm not too fussed if it's $10 or $20. For miniclustering purposes it's more a question of raw CPU power per W. We'll see how this works out. Other important considerations like its FOSSness appear to be unanswered at this time.

#sbc #iconikal #rockchip

Thinking about making a blogpost about this book, written in 1995. Picked it up at a book swap a while ago and forgot about it right away. It's full of gems, and domains that no longer work.

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My 6th-grade teacher taught me to ask the 5-W questions when I want to know more about something. So here goes:

1. Who is plemora?
2. What is plemora?
3. Where is plemora?
4. When is plemora?
5. Why is plemora... hated by everyone?

(Yes I’m joking with the 5-Ws but also... wtf is plemora? I see it mentioned constantly in my TL)

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Oh I “MUST NOT” do this? What are you gonna do dork, write an RFC about it? Maybe ask Cisco if you can standardize their protocol? Bitch

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Hi folks, just joined, thanks to @neauoire for the invite. excited to be part of this community. i mostly do art/coding/noise-jamming , tool-building , linux-wrangling, zine-making type things. i also work on games and am an organizer at babycastles collective. hello to new and old friends #introductions

I got the chance to explore a forked likelike-online world for the OurNetworks conference, and it was really amazing, a virtual space like no other. We meditated on the moon, and hung out in gay bars, all in little pixels.

Shout out to the Doomsday Supper Club and the Xzone workshop!

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🚀 Fafi v0.9 🥌

A lot has happened since the last release of #fafi-browser. The feature that is most visible is that fafi can now render ATOM and RSS feeds as well. It is a simple text render with links, nothing fancy, but enough for you to check some gemlogs update.


I have decoupled network communication from rendering content. Fafi has transports (#gemini, http, https) and renderers (gemtext, markdown, images, feeds).

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The Internet Engineering “Task Force” talks a whole lot of shit for a bunch of nerds who don’t even have helicopters. Task Force my ass

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Ordered my first RTL-SDR, I'm excited! I was finally motivated by two talks I saw at the now complete Our Network conf.

Would love to hear people's recommendations for SDR, and/or their experiences. :boost_ok:

Y'all ever find really cool libraries, but aren't sure what to build with them? I'm feeling that way about libsodium, as well as using WebRTC in Go.


@Tusky it'd be nice if the "Load More" button was emphasized somehow (maybe different background color) or if it happened automatically. It's easy to miss when scrolling.


@toast can you use the Makefile to build your binaries of Amfora? Or at least specify the go build variables that the Makefile does? Would appreciate it. :)

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I've set up abcde to rip some CDs, and boy is it nice to have a reliable CLI tool do some helpful work.

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