mfw someone says some silly shit about "kilometers"

@lynnesbian look at his face Lynne. look at how downcast those shackles make him. look into your heart and ask yourself what has he done to deserve this

@kew i will domme uncle sam into using the superior measurement system

@kew I am deeply disturbed by the fact that this image exists.

@jkb it's old as fuck probably some boomer shit they'd eat this shit up

@kew these chains are exactly 2 feet and one wiggle long as God intended. Satan can keep his "metrics"

@kew Yeah it should be "kilometres". :P

(Don't take that too seriously.)

What has he done? Just the big, obvious things, or shall I make a list...?

@kew Maybe if he switched it would be easier to find the size of wrench needed to undo those shackles.

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