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@juliebean hi there! I'm Jae, lovely to meet you! :)

You mention conlanging as an interest - gets something I'm starting to get into at the moment, but I'm struggling with getting the basics sorted so I can make it work without having to think so much about how everything fits together. Do you have any resources or tips you can recommend? Thanks!

i think i missed this response way back when, but was reminded by someone faving my intro post. The Art Of Language Invention is an excellent book i would recommend for someone getting started conlanging, and also just reading a lot about linquistics in general on Wikipedia and whatnot. i'd also specifically urge anyone, especially those who're mostly monolinqual, to learn the ipa and practice lots of sounds. get familiar with how you make sounds, mechanically.

also, get the grammar and phonology settled before making a big lexicon, and don't be afraid to scrap things and start over if need be.

sorry, i garbled the title of the book i was trying to recommend. it's the language construction kit. i was mixing it up with a mashup of the titles of two other books i was thinking about.

@juliebean I have that book, along with the sequels :) I've been using them to help me out, they're really good!

i haven't gotten the others yet. they're on my wishlist though.

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