I've realized, after perusing other people's profiles, that I never properly introduced myself. So, here's my .

I'm Josh, and I'm a generalist. I have some skills in math and programming, I love philosophy, I'm trying to learn Japanese, and I have a degree in music. I'm interested in the Effective Altruism movement and am trying to find work there right now. Also, I've written a book of poems that are mostly geared towards kids. You can find me at ameyama.com!

@jrc03c 日本語を習ってるけど頑張りますよね!☀️


@InvaderXan You're already way above my level. :sweat_smile_ms:

@jrc03c I'm just wishing you good luck! Oh, and don't trust the translator – it likes to randomly insert pronouns where there aren't any. I'm talking about you. :P

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