Pretty into this little guy from a 15th century Italian herbal, a collection of images from which we published today.

Finished first from some of our wax print stockpile, some quilt batting, and a variation on the straps using paracord.

Joshua Smith makes 1:20 scale miniatures of real buildings like this Discolandia storefront in San Francisco.

Gave up on going back to sleep. Listening to Emily A. Sprague’s new Hill, Flower, Fog. Very calming.

Revisiting Harmony Korine. Had forgotten the opening to Mister Lonely.

We brought this guy, Antonio, home yesterday to start the new year.

I love this colorful installation of felt pieces by Masako Miki. I would love to learn how to felt things; I’d like to understand how to exert a little control over the magic that goes on between the initial construction and the felted product.

20 years of late-20th century contemporary music journal Contact archived by Goldsmiths, University of London

I miss Phinery tapes. Always simple, beautiful packaging. Writing documentation and listening to this 2017 Vales release.

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