I miss the in-store bakery flour tortillas from H-E-B so much. (My homemade ones are only a little better, but/and so much more work…)

Honorable mention to in-store bakery corn tortillas from Fiesta. bonappetit.com/story/heb-flour

Revisiting Harmony Korine. Had forgotten the opening to Mister Lonely.

Austin Kleon on using your books as time capsules. I try to do a similar thing by using postcards, ticket stubs, restaurant cards, etc. as bookmarks and leaving them in the book when I finish. austinkleon.com/2020/01/29/how

Michael found some Billboard magazine surveys that show UT-Austin as one of the most active destinations nationally for big band touring in the Swing era. local-memory.org/notes/music-h

Sahel Sounds will be releasing an EP each month in 2020 for a “Music from Saharan WhatsApp” series. Each one will be recorded on a cellphone and transmitted over WhatsApp to be available on Bandcamp for one month.

The first installment is from Agadez guitar band Etran de L’Aïr. etrandelair.bandcamp.com/

Interesting recent episode of Afropop Worldwide on the power dynamics involved in vinyl reissues of African music, particularly on the way that Western tastes shape what has been saved. afropop.org/audio-programs/rei

Some of the “outsider pedal steel” referenced here is new to me and I’m interested to check it out. Drag that Ricky wasn’t named and given credit for a broader influence across the Phosphorescent output. Also, don’t sleep on Gary Newcomb playing with Lil’ Cap’n Travis. npr.org/2020/01/07/793989801/t

Looking forward to get the hardcopy of Issue #0 of new code::art journal.

PDF version is freely downloadable, and there’s some interesting stuff in here. code-art.xyz/about/

We brought this guy, Antonio, home yesterday to start the new year.

I love this colorful installation of felt pieces by Masako Miki. I would love to learn how to felt things; I’d like to understand how to exert a little control over the magic that goes on between the initial construction and the felted product. masakomiki.com/2019-03.html

I’m catching up with reading I’ve socked away over the last month, and this from Laura Kalbag on personal websites was very good. 24ways.org/2019/its-time-to-ge

Back on Belgium time with most of the workday ahead of me before I expect to hear from U.S. collaborators. The best.

The redesign/reboot of the Public Domain Review that I’ve been working on is finally online. publicdomainreview.org

In the final week of a project I’ve been working on all summer and fall. Looking forward to being able to talk about it.

20 years of late-20th century contemporary music journal Contact archived by Goldsmiths, University of London contactjournal.gold.ac.uk/

Bless the nerd who put this list of Dutch-language Smurfs DVDs and their episode titles on Wikipedia. nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lijst_va

I have the Berlin/Kantstraße issue of Flaneur, but haven’t kept up with it. This new Taipei issue looks like it has some amazing colors and typography. itsnicethat.com/articles/flane

🎵 Quality time with the PayPal Subscriptions API and the Friends of Dean Martinez cover of “Wichita Lineman” youtube.com/watch?v=Cf7Xhb3R83

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